Re: Dell Vostro 3360 multimedia keys

From: Pali RohÃr
Date: Tue Nov 21 2017 - 13:36:35 EST


On Tuesday 21 November 2017 15:52:28 Oleksandr Natalenko wrote:
> Hi, Pali et al.
> Answers go inline.
> On Ãterà 21. listopadu 2017 14:51:10 CET Pali RohÃr wrote:
> > What would happen if you enable wmi_requires_smbios_request?
> > Nothing? And situation is exactly same?
> Yes, this is what I did with DMI quirk which enables
> wmi_requires_smbios_request. Keys "1" and "2" behave the same, key
> "3" gets reported via both atkbd and wmi (see my thoughts about this
> key below).

Ok, if wmi_requires_smbios_request is really doing nothing, then it
should not be used. It enables some QSET feature in Dell SMM mode which
is for 2 laptops.

> > > + /* Dell Vostro 3360 combined keycode */
> > > + { KE_KEY, 0xe0f1, { KEY_PROG1 } },
> > > + { KE_KEY, 0xe0f2, { KEY_PROG2 } },
> >
> > What is purpose of those two keys? Does not linux kernel already
> > have better description for them as KEY_PROG1 and KEY_PROG2?
> Well, I didn't find KEY_PROG1/KEY_PROG2 in 0000 table. Thus, I just
> added them. Actually, since these keys have some icons drawn on
> them, they have some designated purpose (most likely,
> Windows-related), but I'd rather think of them as of custom
> programmable keys without any specific function assigned.

Looks like that Dell Vostro 3360 have this meaning for multimedia keys:

first key: Mobility Center
second key: Dell Support Center
third key: Dell Instant Launch Manager

(same as other Vostro laptops)

But do not know what KEY_* are used on other Vostro laptops for those
keys. It would be great to use same KEY_*...

> > /* snip */
> >
> > > Third key (the one that is handled via PS/2 keyboard) produces
> > > this in the
> >
> > > kernel buffer:
> > / *snip */
> >
> > Seems you still have not configured keycode for your internal PS/2
> > keyboard to make this key working. Use 'setkeycodes 60 <keycode>'
> > as written in dmesg.
> Well, I've tried. The problem is that if I even configure this key
> via setkeycodes, it doesn't work.

Hm... why it does not work?

CCing Dmitry, can you tell us what needs to be done to "active" key from
AT Keyboard driver which prints following messages to dmesg?

Nov 20 15:36:51 spock kernel: atkbd serio0: Unknown key pressed
(translated set 2, code 0x60 on isa0060/serio0).
Nov 20 15:36:51 spock kernel: atkbd serio0: Use 'setkeycodes 60
<keycode>' to make it known.

I was in impression that if we see such message in dmesg, then key is
working fine...

> evtest shows me "value 2" (the
> same value is shown if I press and hold some ordinary key, like "A",
> for instance) instead of 0 and/or 1. Looks like key press event is
> not generated properly by this key via atkbd.
> That's why I think wmi_requires_smbios_request quirk must be
> permanently enabled for this laptop, and 3rd key must be handled via
> wmi (like two other keys), not via atkbd. And all atkbd events from
> this key must be just suppressed via userspace.

In dell-wmi we filter all key events which are also delivered via PS/2
AT Keyboard driver. So filtering PS/2 keys instead of WMI is anti-design

Pali RohÃr

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