[PATCH,v2] hyperv: make HYPERV a menuconfig to ease disabling it al

From: Vincent Legoll
Date: Sat Dec 16 2017 - 05:08:27 EST


The following patch add a "default y" to the menuconfig to avoid breaking
existing configs.

Please advise if this is better, and sufficient.

Tell me if these kind of changes are not welcome in the kernel, so that I
won't continue with other similar work. I am an actual user of menuconfig,
and find it really harder to use than necessary. A lot of new drivers and
config options have been added, with only a few relevant to my HW.

It is getting very hard to go through menuconfig and disable all the
unneeded stuff.

I use distro kernels on some of my HW, but for the smaller armels or i686s,
I actually want to strip the kernel config.

I find the existing menuconfigs a good solution for that problem, because
they allow me to disable huge lists of stuff when I know I don't need them
without even bothering to enter the menu, an go to each one disabling it.

I may not doing it all right, but I think this kind of patch helps at least
some of us. Please advise if there's a better way.