Re: Regression with a0747a859ef6 ("bdi: add error handle for bdi_debug_register")

From: weiping zhang
Date: Sun Dec 17 2017 - 08:44:05 EST

2017-12-17 0:32 GMT+08:00 Bruno Wolff III <bruno@xxxxxxxx>:
> On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 13:51:22 -0600,
> Bruno Wolff III <bruno@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I do not know what is different. Do you have any ideas? Most likely I
>> won't be able to test any more kernels until Monday (unless I can use most
>> of my most recent build over again very soon).
> The .config looks like it should be OK. I'll test setting loglevel on boot
> in case the default is different than what the config file says. I can't do
> that until Monday morning.
> I think it is more likely the the WARN_ON macro code isn't being compiled in
> for some reason. I haven't confirmed that, nor have I found anything that
> would leave that code out when I do a make, but include it during Fedora
> builds.
Hi, thanks for testing, I think you first reproduce this issue(got WARNING
at device_add_disk) by your own build, then add my debug patch.