Re: [GIT PULL REQUEST] watchdog - v4.15 Fixes

From: Guenter Roeck
Date: Sun Dec 17 2017 - 15:32:52 EST

On 12/17/2017 12:12 PM, Linus Torvalds wrote:
Once more, gmail hated you. No real indication why, apart from:

Why is this message in Spam? We've found that lots of messages from are spam.

I have no idea why that site is so hated, but one option that your
upstream ISP is some scumbag place that allows spammers and scammers
and thus the addresses end up being on some blacklist.

Also, all of these commits were committed less than an hour before
sending me the pull request, so I question the kind of testing they

The patches have been in -next for a while, only Wim moved them
into a different branch to be able to send you a pull request.

In -next:

8e1828d605df watchdog: hpwdt: SMBIOS check
ee11fc2b6e73 watchdog: indydog: Add dependency on SGI_HAS_INDYDOG
bff862153935 watchdog: Fix kref imbalance seen if handle_boot_enabled=0
01cd17d9fe08 watchdog: Fix potential kref imbalance when opening watchdog

You might as well blame me since I asked Wim to either send those patches
to you or to let me do it, and I would have pulled the patches from Wim's
watchdog-next repository (or from linux-next) as well.