Re: [Intel-wired-lan] v4.15-rc2 on thinkpad x60: ethernet stopped working

From: Neftin, Sasha
Date: Mon Dec 18 2017 - 13:29:34 EST

On 12/18/2017 13:58, Pavel Machek wrote:
On Mon 2017-12-18 13:24:40, Neftin, Sasha wrote:
On 12/18/2017 12:26, Pavel Machek wrote:

In v4.15-rc2+, network manager can not see my ethernet card, and
manual attempts to ifconfig it up did not really help, either.

Card is:

02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82573L Gigabit Ethernet
Any ideas ?
Yes , 19110cfbb34d4af0cdfe14cd243f3b09dc95b013 broke it.


Fix there :
I don't see the patch in latest mainline. Not having ethernet
is... somehow annoying. What is going on there?
Generally speaking, e1000 maintainence has been handled very poorly over
the past few years, I have to say.

Fixes take forever to propagate even when someone other than the
maintainer provides a working and tested fix, just like this case.

Jeff, please take e1000 maintainence seriously and get these critical
bug fixes propagated.
No response AFAICT. I guess I should test reverting
19110cfbb34d4af0cdfe14cd243f3b09dc95b013, then ask you for revert?
Hello Pavel,

Before ask for reverting 19110cfbb..., please, check if follow patch of
Benjamin work for you
Jacob said, in another email:

# Digging into this, the problem is complicated. The original bug
# assumed behavior of the .check_for_link call, which is universally not
# implemented.
# I think the correct fix is to revert 19110cfbb34d ("e1000e: Separate
# signaling for link check/link up", 2017-10-10) and find a more proper solution.

...which makes me think that revert is preffered?


Pavel, before ask for revert - let's check Benjamin's patch following to his previous patch. Previous patch was not competed and latest one come to complete changes.