[PATCH v3 0/3] doc: update printk documentation

From: Tobin C. Harding
Date: Mon Dec 18 2017 - 17:29:25 EST

This set converts printk-formats.txt -> core-api/printk-formats.rst

We also update the documentation around printing kernel addresses.

This is my first documentation conversion. Please do be hard on this
patch series. I'd like to get it _really_ correct so that future
conversions will require less review effort. Also if there are any
peculiarities to patching docs (as apposed to C files) please say so.

Thank you for the time already given to reviewing previous versions.


- Update filename .txt -> .rst in lib/vsnprintf.c comment (Joe Perches)
- Remove unnecessary commas (as suggested by Randy Dunlap)
- Re-apply theory 'make as few changes as possible to complete the

- Remove conversion/inclusion of kernel-docs from lib/vsprintf.c
- Add '<>' around file name (in section 'Thanks').
- Remove a few more double back ticks.
- Apply theory 'make as few changes as possible to complete the

Tobin C. Harding (3):
doc: convert printk-formats.txt to rst
doc: update kpt_restrict documentation
doc: add documentation on printing kernel addresses

Documentation/00-INDEX | 2 -
Documentation/core-api/index.rst | 1 +
.../printk-formats.rst} | 229 +++++++++++----------
Documentation/security/self-protection.rst | 15 ++
Documentation/sysctl/kernel.txt | 3 +-
lib/vsprintf.c | 3 +-
6 files changed, 139 insertions(+), 114 deletions(-)
rename Documentation/{printk-formats.txt => core-api/printk-formats.rst} (63%)