Re: error: redefinition of âshipped_regdb_certsâ

From: Johannes Berg
Date: Tue Dec 19 2017 - 03:37:05 EST

Hi Michal,

> this is the first time I am seeing this with the current Linus
> tree. 4.15-rc3 compiled fine. I have checked that you have updated the
> makefile which generates the file by 715a12334764 ("wireless: don't
> write C files on failures").

Which introduced the problem - I accidentally put >> redirection there
instead of just >.

I just merged a fix for this.

> I have no idea how the generated file is supposed to work but it seems
> that the cleanup doesn't work properly. Compilation succeeds if I
> remove the file and it is generated again:
> $ rm net/wireless/shipped-certs.c
> [...]
> GEN net/wireless/shipped-certs.c
> CC [M] net/wireless/shipped-certs.o
> I have double checked that neither make clean/distclean removed the
> file.

I also forgot that, and just fixed it.

Sorry for all the mess with this.