Re: [ANNOUNCE] autofs 5.1.2 release

From: Ian Kent
Date: Wed Dec 20 2017 - 02:30:38 EST

On 20/12/17 13:52, Ian Kent wrote:
> On 20/12/17 11:29, NeilBrown wrote:
>> Hi Ian,
>> I've been looking at:
>>> - add configuration option to use fqdn in mounts.
>> (commit 9aeef772604) because using this new option causes a regression.
>> If you are using the "replicated server" functionality, then
>> use_hostname_for_mounts = yes
>> completely disables it.
> Yes, that's not quite right.
> It disables the probe and proximity check for each distinct host
> name used.
> Each of the entries in the list of hosts should still be
> attempted and given that NFS ping is also now used in the NFS
> mount module what's lost is the preferred ordering of the hosts
> list.

Mmm .... that's also not right.

An NFS ping is only done on failed local bind mount to check
the NFS server is running on the local machine.

So that availability check needs to be done at mount time if
the proximity check is not done ....