Re: [RFC PATCH v2 1/3] PCI: rockchip: Add support for pcie wake irq

From: Tony Lindgren
Date: Wed Dec 20 2017 - 14:19:24 EST


* Brian Norris <briannorris@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [171219 00:50]:
> On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 09:32:39AM +0800, Jeffy Chen wrote:
> Did this problem ever get resolved? To be clear, I believe the problem
> at hand is:
> (a) in suspend/resume (not runtime PM; we may not even have runtime PM
> support for most PCI devices)

It seems it should be enough to implement runtime PM in the PCI
controller. Isn't each PCI WAKE# line is wired from each PCI device
to the PCI controller?

Then the PCI controller can figure out from which PCI device the
WAKE# came from.

> Options I can think of:
> (1) implement runtime PM callbacks for all PCI devices, where we clear
> any PME status and ensure WAKE# stops asserting [1]

I don't think this is needed, it should be enough to have just
the PCI controller implement runtime PM :)