Re: [PATCH V3 net-next 00/17] add some features and fix some bugs for HNS3 driver

From: lipeng (Y)
Date: Wed Dec 20 2017 - 21:28:25 EST

On 2017/12/21 3:28, David Miller wrote:
From: Lipeng <lipeng321@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2017 16:43:02 +0800

This patchset adds some new feature support and fixes some bugs:
[Patch 1/17 - 5/17] add the support to modify/query the tqp number
through ethtool -L/l command, and also fix some related bugs for
change tqp number.
[Patch 6/17 - 9-17] add support vlan tag offload on tx&&rx direction
for pf, and fix some related bugs.
[patch 10/17 - 11/17] fix bugs for auto negotiation.
[patch 12/17] adds support for ethtool command set_pauseparam.
[patch 13/17 - 14/17] add support to update flow control settings after
[patch 15/17 - 17/17] fix some other bugs in net-next.
In your From: email field, as well as you and your colleagues signoffs
you are not using your full, real, name:

From: Lipeng <lipeng321@xxxxxxxxxx>

My first name is 'Peng' and Surname is 'Li'.
But it is usually spelled as 'Lipeng' in one go when referring.
This is quite usual convention with full names originating from
China. Surnames comes first, followed by the first name and they
both are inseparable while they are written as well.
"Lipeng" is my full real name, and my sign-off's appear like above.

The name "lipeng" is very common in china, many guys in HuaWei have the
same name "lipeng",
So my email is lipeng321@xxxxxxxxxx, to Distinguish from others.

other guys who named "lipeng" in huawei , their email have an id too,
such as lipengxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx

Wish the explanation is clear.


Signed-off-by: qumingguang <qumingguang@xxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Lipeng <lipeng321@xxxxxxxxxx>

Please fix this.