Re: pinctrl-amd: What hardware does it apply to?

From: Andrew Cooks
Date: Thu Dec 21 2017 - 20:06:36 EST

Hi Tobias

On 21/12/17 23:06, Tobias Diedrich wrote:

> > Another driver (gpio-sb8xx) was submitted for upstream inclusion, but was
> > knocked back with the suggestion that pinctrl is the way forward[3].
> Hm I cannot follow link [3] right now. And I don't remember the submission :(
> It doesn't seem to be in my mail archives either.
> FWIW I wrote the gpio-sb8xx driver mostly to allow toggling the (board-specific) APU1 leds and didn't have time to rewrite it for the pinctrl api (also it was more of a "would be neat to have", so I didn't push it much).
> It would actually be neat to have ACPI support for arbitrary leds in some better way (toggling the pinctrl bits could easily be implemented in ACPI if there was some method called to enabled/disable the led).>
> The coreboot bits were submitted:
> The latter is specifically asking forÂ"gpio-sb8xx" (or compatible) (this is essentially an ACPI-provided devicetree snippet).

Our ACPI LED support is on a I2C GPIO expander, but looks similar. I'll submit that to coreboot after the holidays. We use the SoC gpios for buttons and other peripherals.