Re: [RFC] syzbot process

From: Dmitry Vyukov
Date: Thu Dec 28 2017 - 07:30:33 EST

On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 1:26 PM, Ozgur <ozgur@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> and I think syzbot use to .txt file attached.
>>> .txt is not good.
>> Why are not .txt attachments good? What do you propose to use?
> I think I'm misunderstood that is good to have text output in a file but not useful if the file extension is ".txt"
> Not comfortable use it for mutt / vim and diff.
> I think needs to be an new extension, would be like this ".log" or ".syz" :)

There is an fortunate limitation in the mailing system we currently
use -- it infers Content-Type from file extension. So if we do .syz,
it will do application/octet-stream.