Re: [PATCH 1/2] clk: rename clk_core_get_boundaries() to clk_hw_get_boundaries() and expose

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Thu Dec 28 2017 - 19:14:30 EST

On 12/28, Alexander Kochetkov wrote:
> Initial thread here:
> > 27 ÐÐÐ. 2017 Ð., Ð 4:06, Stephen Boyd <sboyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ(Ð):
> >
> > Are these limits the min/max limits that the parent clk can
> > output at? Or the min/max limits that software has constrained on
> > the clk?
> >
> Donât know how to answer. For example, parent can output 768MHz,
> but some IP work unstable with that parent rate. This issues was observed by
> me and I didnât get official confirmation from rockchip. So, I limit
> such clock to 192MHz using clk_set_max_rate(). May be I have to limit clk rate
> using another approach.

I'm asking if the rate is capped on the consumer side with
clk_set_max_rate() or if it's capped on the clk provider side to
express a hardware constraint.

> Anybody from rockchip can confirm that? Or may be contact me clarifying details?
> > I haven't looked in detail at this
> > rockchip_fractional_approximation() code, but it shouldn't be
> > doing the work of both the child rate determination and the
> > parent rate determination in one place. It should work with the
> > parent to figure out the rate the parent can provide and then
> > figure out how to achieve the desired rate from there.
> Here is clock tree:
> clock rate
> ----- ----
> xin24m 24000000
> pll_gpll 768000000
> gpll 768000000
> i2s_src 768000000
> i2s0_pre 192000000
> i2s0_frac 16384000
> sclk_i2s0 16384000
> I limit i2s0_pre rate to 192MHz in order to I2S IP work properly.
> rockchip_fractional_approximation() get called for i2s0_frac.
> if i2s0_pre rate is 20x times less than i2s0_frac, than rockchip_fractional_approximation()
> tries to set i2s0_pre rate to i2s_src rate. It tries to increase itâs parent rate in order
> to maximise relation between nominator and denominator.
> If I convert rockchip_fractional_approximation() to rockchip_determine_rate(), than I get
> min=0, max=192MHz limits inside rockchip_determine_rate(). May be there should be
> new logic inside clk framework based on some new clk flags, that will provide max=768MHz
> for rockchip_determine_rate().
> Also found, that rockchip_fractional_approximation() increase parents rate unconditionally
> without taking into account CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT flag.
> Stephen, thanks a lot for deep description of determine_rate() background. Iâll taking some
> time thinking about possible solutions.

Sounds like there are some things to be figured out here still. I
can take a closer look next week. Maybe Heiko will respond before

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