[PATCH v2 0/1] fs: Add VirtualBox guest shared folder (vboxsf) support

From: Hans de Goede
Date: Mon Jan 15 2018 - 12:51:26 EST

Hi All,

Now that the vboxguest driver which the vboxsf (guest shared folder)
fs driver depends on is queued for merging into 4.16 in char-misc-next,
all the dependencies for the vboxsf are in place.

So here is a v2 of my initial vboxsf, addressing all of the remark from
Christoph Hellwig about v1:
-Removed various unused wrapper functions
-Don't use i_private, instead defined alloc_inode and destroy_inode
methods and use container_of.
-Drop obsolete comment referencing people to
-move the single symlink op of from lnkops.c to file.c

As well as bunch of other cleanups:
-Use SPDX license headers
-Replace SHFLROOT / SHFLHANDLE defines with normal types
-Removed unnecessary S_ISREG checks
-Got rid of bounce_buffer in regops, instead add a "user" flag to
vboxsf_read / vboxsf_write, re-using the existing __user address support
in the vboxguest module
-Make vboxsf_wrappers return regular linux errno values
-Use i_size_write to update size on writing
-Convert doxygen style comments to kerneldoc style comments

Please review.