regression: twl4030 audio/clock stopped working in v4.16

From: H. Nikolaus Schaller
Date: Wed Apr 04 2018 - 14:30:02 EST

Hi Peter,
I just noticed a problem in v4.16 kernels with twl4030 audio and vibra driver no longer working.

Tracing it back shows that it already did appear in v4.16-rc1 and wasn't fixed up to v4.16.0.
Kernel v4.15.9 (the latest one where I have a binary) works.

The symptoms are:

[ 1.557342] twl4030-audio 48070000.i2c:twl@48:audio: Invalid audio_mclk
[ 1.564788] twl4030-audio: probe of 48070000.i2c:twl@48:audio failed with error -22
[ 1.839141] TWL4030: HFCLK is not configured

Those are not visible in v4.15.9. And I am not aware of any changes to the gta04 device tree.

Do you know about this issue and a fix, before I start to bisect?

BR and thanks,