[PATCH v2 00/13] media: imx274: cleanups, improvements and SELECTION API support

From: Luca Ceresoli
Date: Tue Apr 24 2018 - 04:25:31 EST


this patchset introduces cropping support for the Sony IMX274 sensor
using the SELECTION API.

With respect to v1 this patchset adds the "media: " prefix to commits
and fixes a warning in patch 9.

Patches 1-6 clean up and restructure code in various places and are
pretty much independent from the cropping feature.

Patches 7-11 are further restructuring which are mostly useful to
implement cropping API in a cleaner way.

Patch 12 introduces a helper to allow setting many registers computed
at runtime in a straightforward way. This would not have been very
useful before because all long register write sequences came from
const tables, but it's definitely a must for the cropping code.

Patch 13 implements cropping in the set_selection pad operation. On
the v4l2 side there is nothing special. The most tricky part was
respecting all the device constraints on the horizontal crop.


Luca Ceresoli (13):
media: imx274: document reset delays more clearly
media: imx274: fix typo in comment
media: imx274: slightly simplify code
media: imx274: remove unused data from struct imx274_frmfmt
media: imx274: rename and reorder register address definitions
media: imx274: remove non-indexed pointers from mode_table
media: imx274: initialize format before v4l2 controls
media: imx274: consolidate per-mode data in imx274_frmfmt
media: imx274: get rid of mode_index
media: imx274: actually use IMX274_DEFAULT_MODE
media: imx274: simplify imx274_write_table()
media: imx274: add helper function to fill a reg_8 table chunk
media: imx274: add SELECTION support for cropping

drivers/media/i2c/imx274.c | 598 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
1 file changed, 348 insertions(+), 250 deletions(-)