Re: [PATCH v4] usb: dwc2: dwc2_vbus_supply_init: fix error check

From: Heiko Stübner
Date: Tue Apr 24 2018 - 04:58:57 EST

Hi Tomeu,

Am Montag, 23. April 2018, 15:24:04 CEST schrieb Tomeu Vizoso:
> Hi,
> could this patch be picked up, please? Or if for some reason it cannot
> be, could the commit that introduced the regression be reverted?
> It's causing some tests in KernelCI to fail:
> g/lab-collabora/sleep-rk3288-veyron-jaq.html

I think at this point, it might be good to do a "v4 RESEND" in a _new_ mail
thread, because from the lack of communication it really looks like this
fell through completely.

Ideally also include in the commit message that his breaks kernelCI tests
and real board users (and of course recent tags).