Re: Regression 4.17-rc1: SSD doesn properly resume causing system hang (NULL pointer dereference)

From: Paul Menzel
Date: Tue Apr 24 2018 - 13:37:52 EST

Dear Bart,

On 04/24/18 19:31, Bart Van Assche wrote:
On Tue, 2018-04-24 at 19:10 +0200, Paul Menzel wrote:
Please find the configuration file attached. The log only has
`initcall_debug no_console_suspend` added.

What I was looking for in the .config is the following:

Can you also provide the disassembly output for blk_set_runtime_active,
e.g. by loading vmlinux into gdb and by running the command "disas

Here it is, pasted as citation, as otherwise Thunderbird would wrap the line.

(gdb) disas blk_set_runtime_active
Dump of assembler code for function blk_set_runtime_active:
0xc1518610 <+0>: call 0xc106ac9c <__fentry__>
0xc1518615 <+5>: push %ebp
0xc1518616 <+6>: mov %esp,%ebp
0xc1518618 <+8>: sub $0x14,%esp
0xc151861b <+11>: mov %ebx,-0xc(%ebp)
0xc151861e <+14>: mov %eax,%ebx
0xc1518620 <+16>: mov %gs:0x14,%eax
0xc1518626 <+22>: mov %eax,-0x10(%ebp)
0xc1518629 <+25>: xor %eax,%eax
0xc151862b <+27>: test %ebx,%ebx
0xc151862d <+29>: mov %esi,-0x8(%ebp)
0xc1518630 <+32>: mov %edi,-0x4(%ebp)
0xc1518633 <+35>: je 0xc15186b3 <blk_set_runtime_active+163>
0xc1518635 <+37>: mov 0xfc(%ebx),%eax
0xc151863b <+43>: call 0xc1a4b920 <_raw_spin_lock_irq>
0xc1518640 <+48>: mov 0x150(%ebx),%esi
0xc1518646 <+54>: xor %eax,%eax
0xc1518648 <+56>: mov 0xc1ca7d20,%edi
0xc151864e <+62>: mov %eax,0x154(%ebx)
0xc1518654 <+68>: cmp $0xffffff0c,%esi
0xc151865a <+74>: mov %edi,-0x14(%ebp)
0xc151865d <+77>: je 0xc15186a5 <blk_set_runtime_active+149>
0xc151865f <+79>: mov %edi,0xf4(%esi)
0xc1518665 <+85>: mov $0x9,%edx
0xc151866a <+90>: mov 0x150(%ebx),%eax
0xc1518670 <+96>: call 0xc175ab80 <__pm_runtime_suspend>
0xc1518675 <+101>: mov 0xfc(%ebx),%eax
0xc151867b <+107>: call *0xc1ce2918
0xc1518681 <+113>: call *0xc1ce2888
0xc1518687 <+119>: mov -0x10(%ebp),%eax
0xc151868a <+122>: xor %gs:0x14,%eax
0xc1518691 <+129>: jne 0xc15186a0 <blk_set_runtime_active+144>
0xc1518693 <+131>: mov -0xc(%ebp),%ebx
0xc1518696 <+134>: mov -0x8(%ebp),%esi
0xc1518699 <+137>: mov -0x4(%ebp),%edi
0xc151869c <+140>: mov %ebp,%esp
0xc151869e <+142>: pop %ebp
0xc151869f <+143>: ret 0xc15186a0 <+144>: call 0xc108c6c0 <__stack_chk_fail>
0xc15186a5 <+149>: xor %edx,%edx
0xc15186a7 <+151>: mov $0xc1ee14b4,%eax
0xc15186ac <+156>: call 0xc15bb7f0 <__ubsan_handle_type_mismatch>
0xc15186b1 <+161>: jmp 0xc151865f <blk_set_runtime_active+79>
0xc15186b3 <+163>: xor %edx,%edx
0xc15186b5 <+165>: mov $0xc1ee14cc,%eax
0xc15186ba <+170>: call 0xc15bb7f0 <__ubsan_handle_type_mismatch>
0xc15186bf <+175>: jmp 0xc1518635 <blk_set_runtime_active+37>
End of assembler dump.

Kind regards,


PS: By the way, your mailer stripped the full names of my first message, and replace the ânamesâ with the email address.

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