Re: [PATCH v7 0/7] clk: meson-axg: Add AO Cloclk and Reset driver

From: Yixun Lan
Date: Fri Apr 27 2018 - 21:51:24 EST

Hi Kevin

On 04/28/18 02:49, Kevin Hilman wrote:
> Hi Yixun,
> Yixun Lan <yixun.lan@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> On 04/27/2018 05:59 PM, Jerome Brunet wrote:
> [...]
>>> Looks to be the problem indeed. But it is still an issue with how your patchset
>>> in organized.
>>> I can't merge this until Kevin merges the patch above, which he can't merge
>>> until there is the clkc_ao support in axg, which is given by this series.
>>> 1# You should remove the axg part of the patch above. Kevin will be able to
>>> merge it w/o any dependencies. (BTW, the patch is broken for axg because 1) you
>>> did not include the dt-binding header for the clkc_ao in axg and 2) the clkc_ao
>>> does not exist at this stage)
>>> 2# I can then safely merge this series - w/o breaking gxbb and gxl.
>>> 3# Finally you'll have to make a DT change for the axg, enabling the clkc_ao and
>>> changes the uart clocks at the same time.
>> I didn't make myself clear in previous email
>> I mean, could you merge patch 1-6, just exclude the patch 7
>> then kevin can merge the DT part (there are three patches) [1]
>> after the DT patches merged, then you can take this patch 7
>> This way, it won't break gxl or any other SoCs

>> I'm sending patch 7 along with this series, it would be better if I
>> give a warning about it.
> Your proposal requires extra work from a couple different maintainers to
> track all the dependencies, and is very error prone. Sometimes
> maintainers may do this for you if they have time and are feeling
> generous, but you will have much more success if you can ease the
> process.

I've actually put a note in the cover letter to highlight special
attention needed for patch 7, but turns out rely on maintainers to
handle the dependencies isn't a wise idea
Lesson has been learned here, and I'll handle dependencies myself next

> Jerome has provided lots of guidance throughout this series and just
> above has provided you with a very good proposal above which minimizes
> the dependencies, and provides the changes in the right order.
> Please follow Jerome's suggestion,
as already replied in my previous email, again here is my approach

a) I'll send patch 2-6, just leave out patch 7 for now, and as patch 1
is already accepted.. this way it won't break gxbb/gxl (the OLD SoC)
b) will pin you to require DT patch merged or re-send if necessary (as
till now the clkao driver is merged)
c) send out the patch 7 for UART AO clock fix

this is exactly what Jerome suggested..

Thank you