Re: [PATCH] ocfs2: ocfs2_inode_lock_tracker does not distinguish lock level

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Fri May 11 2018 - 17:23:06 EST

On Fri, 11 May 2018 12:16:51 +0800 Larry Chen <lchen@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Nice changelog, but it gives no information about the severity of the
> > bug: how often does it hit and what is the end-user impact.
> >
> > This info is needed so that I and others can decide which kernel
> > version(s) need the patch, so please always include it when fixing a
> > bug, thanks.
> Thanks for your review and feel sorry for not providing enough information.
> For the status quo of ocfs2, without this patch, neither a bug nor end-user
> impact will be caused because the wrong logic is avoided.
> But I'm afraid this generic interface, may be called by other
> developers in future and used in this situation.
>     a process
> ocfs2_inode_lock_tracker(ex=0)
> ocfs2_inode_lock_tracker(ex=1)

OK, thanks.

> By the way, should I resend this patch with this info included?

I pasted the above into my copy of the changelog so we're good.