Re: [RFC PATCH 02/12] xen/manage: introduce helper function to know the on-going suspend mode

From: Balbir Singh
Date: Wed Jun 13 2018 - 13:42:03 EST

On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 6:56 AM, Anchal Agarwal <anchalag@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> From: Munehisa Kamata <kamatam@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Introduce simple functions which help to know the on-going suspend mode
> so that other Xen-related code can behave differently according to the
> current suspend mode.

I'd squash this patch with the previous, the previous one just left
too many open questions about how suspend mode is used. Looks like
suspend mode is a state, but I am not sure if valid transitions are

Balbir Singh.