include architecture Kconfig files from top-level Kconfig v3

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Tue Jul 24 2018 - 13:57:00 EST

Hi Masahiro,

what do you think about the series below, which moves the includes
of all the architecture independ Kconfig files to the top-level
Kconfig instead of duplicating the includes in all architectures?

Note that this only handles the low-hanging fruite, there are a lot
of other bits that should probably be cleaned up to be common,
but those will be not entirely trivial.

Changes since v2:
- fix the missing sh conversion
- handle the lack of CONFIG_SWAP support in microblaze and nios2 properly

Changes since v1:
- add back a remove source statement from arch/arm/Kconfig
- various fixes from Randy
- various UML patches to be able to use the common Kconfig