Re: [PATCH 1/2] staging: erofs: fix compile error without built-in decompression support

From: Gao Xiang
Date: Sun Jul 29 2018 - 23:57:39 EST

On 2018/7/30 11:07, Chao Yu wrote:
>> It seems that Greg merged this patch to staging-next yesterday, since it is a urgent fix
>> (otherwise erofs cannot be compiled properly without CONFIG_EROFS_FS_ZIP, that is my fault).
>> I wrote in a patch yesterday becuase all the modifications have the same root cause ----
>> fix incorrect code snippets due to spilt code into small patches by mistake.
>> But you are right, it is more proper to spilt into two patches, let me resend these patches later
>> (I don't know whether Greg will apply them... :-( sorry... )
>> I think in order to reduce Greg's patchwork burden, we could quickly review patches internally in linux-erofs first,
>> tidy up in a patchset set and send to Greg in a series periodically (if patches are not urgent).
>> How do you think about it?
> I agree with you, as we discussed offline, let's send patch to erofs mailing
> list for review first, and keep all developing patches in erofs-dev branch as
> long as possible, then periodically, submitting patches to Greg in batch, it can
> reduce unneeded modification in staging-next tree. For urgent fix, we can speed
> up the progress. :)
> Thanks,

Hi Greg,
Sorry about patch annoying... We will send patches in batch periodically after
"[PATCH] staging: erofs: use the wrapped PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO instead of open code".

Before that, We will review these patches in the linux-erofs mailing list first...

Hi Chao,
OK, I just send new patches as your suggestion, could you please review again?
(But I think it could not be re-merged by Greg's again... since no code changes,
but the following patches will be upstreamed as we disscussed this morning...)

And could you review '[PATCH] staging: erofs: use the wrapped PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO instead of open code'
I just sent in the morning?

Gao Xiang