Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] PCI: imx: Initial imx7d pm support

From: Leonard Crestez
Date: Wed Aug 08 2018 - 06:53:59 EST

On Tue, 2018-07-24 at 19:14 +0300, Leonard Crestez wrote:
> Changes since v2:
> * Print with dev_info if link fails on resume (Lucas)
> * Add a comment on imx7d pci irq mappings (Andrey)
> * Make imx6_pcie_ltssm_disable print an error on IMX6Q (Lucas)
> The ltssm_disable does not return an error because it can't be usefully
> handled, reversing partial suspend is a nightmare and unlikely to work.
> * Drop "reset: imx7: Fix always writing bits as 0 (accepted by Philipp)
> Series is against linux-next tag next-20180724 where the reset patch was
> already accepted. The imx7d.dtsi patch is also useful standalone.
> Link to v2:

This is a gentle reminder that this series was reviewed by Lucas two
weeks ago but not yet included.