Re: [PATCH v2 2/3] i2c: Add helper to ease DMA handling

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Thu Aug 09 2018 - 05:23:44 EST


> I believe the reason for these api is because some arch changed to can
> not do DMA on stack recently. Maybe we should have dma_mapping to bounce

It is not only arch dependent. You can enable virtual stacks in Kconfig,

> buffer like it bounce un-dma-able address for those arch? or we should
> have a common driver API for this, not just for i2c?

I gave a talk about this problem recently and everyone in the room
agreed the best thing would be to have annotated buffers which can be
used kernel-wide. Someone mentioned DMABUF could be a candidate, but I
haven't looked further into that.

So, yes, a bigger solution is needed but I don't see that coming soon,
so I implemented the I2C part for better safety now. I'd be happy to
remove all that again once we have the annotated buffers. But it is an



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