[PATCH v6 00/24] Ingenic TCU patchset v6

From: Paul Cercueil
Date: Thu Aug 09 2018 - 17:44:52 EST


This is the V6 of my Ingenic Timer/Counter Unit (TCU) patchset.

Major changes since V5:

- ingenic,timer-channel / ingenic,clocksource-channel devicetree
properties for the ingenic-timer driver are gone. The system timer
will default to use TCU channel #0, the clocksource will default to
use TCU channel #1. When a client driver requests one of these TCU
channels (e.g. the PWM driver), the ingenic-timer driver will
dynamically switch the system timer or clocksource to a new TCU

- The big watchdog commit in v5 was split into multiple smaller commits.

- The watchdog driver now just sets its clock to the lowest rate
possible, and calculate the maximum timeout from that.

- The PWM driver now requests the TCU channels it wants to use using the
API functions provided by ingenic-timer. Channels 0 and 1 can now be

- The register lengths in the pwm/watchdog nodes were fixed. They no
longer overlap.

- Small fixes here and there, see each patch's changelog for more info.

-Paul Cercueil