Re: [PATCH v3] f2fs: checkpoint disabling

From: Chao Yu
Date: Fri Aug 10 2018 - 04:41:02 EST

Hi Daniel,

On 2018/8/8 7:48, Daniel Rosenberg wrote:
> This adds a lightweight non-persistent snapshotting scheme to f2fs.
> To use, mount with the option checkpoint=disable, and to return to
> normal operation, remount with checkpoint=enable. If the filesystem
> is shut down before remounting with checkpoint=enable, it will revert
> back to its apparent state when it was first mounted with
> checkpoint=disable. This is useful for situations where you wish to be
> able to roll back the state of the disk in case of some critical
> failure.

When filesystem is full, statfs shown abnormally as below:

/dev/zram0 2095104 -17177769548 17179864652 - /mnt/f2fs

I guess it's related to this patch, could you have a look at this?