[PATCH 0/8] staging: erofs: fix some issues and clean up codes

From: Chao Yu
Date: Sun Aug 12 2018 - 10:02:46 EST

From: Chao Yu <yuchao0@xxxxxxxxxx>

This patchset mainly adds error handing code for erofs xattr subsystem.
In addition, some code cleanups are also included in this patchset.

P.S. Some other patches are still previewing in the linux-erofs mailing
list, which will be posted in the 2nd part later.

Gao Xiang (8):
staging: erofs: introduce erofs_grab_bio
staging: erofs: separate erofs_get_meta_page
staging: erofs: add error handling for xattr submodule
staging: erofs: cleanup z_erofs_vle_work_{lookup, register}
staging: erofs: rearrange vle clustertype definitions
staging: erofs: fix vle_decompressed_index_clusterofs
staging: erofs: fix integer overflow on 32-bit platform
staging: erofs: fix compression mapping beyond EOF

drivers/staging/erofs/Kconfig | 9 ++
drivers/staging/erofs/data.c | 62 +++++++++----
drivers/staging/erofs/erofs_fs.h | 11 +++
drivers/staging/erofs/internal.h | 64 ++++++++-----
drivers/staging/erofs/unzip_vle.c | 149 +++++++++++++++---------------
drivers/staging/erofs/xattr.c | 125 +++++++++++++++++--------
6 files changed, 266 insertions(+), 154 deletions(-)