Re: [PATCH v3 02/14] sched/core: uclamp: map TASK's clamp values into CPU's clamp groups

From: Patrick Bellasi
Date: Tue Aug 14 2018 - 11:21:25 EST

Hi Pavan,

On 14-Aug 16:55, Pavan Kondeti wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 06, 2018 at 05:39:34PM +0100, Patrick Bellasi wrote:

> I see that we drop reference on the previous clamp group when a task changes
> its clamp limits. What about exiting tasks which claimed clamp groups? should
> not we drop the reference?

Yes, you right... when a task ends we are not currently releasing the
reference to its (eventually defined) task-specific clamp value!

Thanks for pointing this out... I'll fix this on the next posting!

#include <best/regards.h>

Patrick Bellasi