RE: [BUG] Kernel Oops and crash using i40e VF devices

From: Wyborny, Carolyn
Date: Wed Aug 15 2018 - 16:08:37 EST

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> Subject: [BUG] Kernel Oops and crash using i40e VF devices
> Hi,
> I have a SuperMicro X11SPM-F mainboard with two Intel X722 devices
> which
> support up to 32 VF devices per PF device. They are running with i40e
> driver. Whenever I try to use the VF devices in Xen VMs, the host kernel
> got an Oops or crash. In all cases the PF running on the host
> immediately loses network connection. I can reproduce this always
> running the following:
We have some known issues around this problem. I'll need some more info to debug it.

How is the device configured? What drivers are loaded on all ports? Can you send an ethtool -i <dev> output as well as an ethtool <dev> output? I also need an lspci -vv for the entire system. Do you have any virtualization configured in your setup? If so, what exactly and how are the ethernet devices configured in that?



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