Re: How delete node or property in overlayd dts?

From: Zhang Bo
Date: Sat Aug 18 2018 - 06:38:53 EST

å 2018/8/18 1:47, Rob Herring åé:
On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 7:26 PM Frank Rowand <frowand.list@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 08/14/18 07:46, åæ wrote:
/delete-node/ /delete-prop/ could be used in dtsi files without device
tree overlay.

but with device tree overlay, /delete-node/ and /delete-prop/ are not work.
How to delete property and node in overlay dts?

for example,
in basel.dts have following node
node1 {
node2 {

in overlay.dts as following
node1 {
/delete-property/ property1;
/delete-node/ node2;

after overlay, property1 and node2 is not deleted.

The /delete-node/ and /delete-prop/ directives are only used by the
dtc compiler within a single compilation.

There is nothing in the format of a devicetree blob to represent the
notion of deleting a property or a node.

You can not delete a property or a node in an overlay dtb.
Though you can add/override 'status' with 'status = "disabled";' which
should be treated very similar to a node not being present. I say
similar because it's a source of bugs for the OS to fail to pay
attention to status property.

there is document in,

In above document, remove node or property by adding - operator before node or property. but I didn't find it in released kernel source code, Is there any update plan about this problem?


ÂÂÂ property-a; Â Â Â /* add property-a to the target */

ÂÂÂ -proptery-b;ÂÂÂÂ /* remove property-b from the target */

ÂÂÂ -node-b {ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ /* remove an exiting node-b */