Re: [PATCH v4 2/3] i2c: imx: Simplify stopped state tracking

From: Esben Haabendal
Date: Mon Aug 20 2018 - 05:20:51 EST

Wolfram Sang <wsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 10:43:13AM +0200, Esben Haabendal wrote:
>> From: Esben Haabendal <eha@xxxxxxxx>
>> Always update the stopped state when busy status have been checked.
>> This is identical to what was done before, with the exception of error
>> handling.
>> Without this change, some errors cause the stopped state to be left in
>> incorrect state in i2c_imx_stop(), i2c_imx_dma_read(), i2c_imx_read() and
>> i2c_imx_xfer().
>> Signed-off-by: Esben Haabendal <eha@xxxxxxxx>
>> Acked-by: Uwe Kleine-KÃnig <u.kleine-koenig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Applied to for-next, thanks! I did not add stable because the cover
> latter said minor issue? Not really sure here, though...

I agree, it does not need to go into stable.