Men and GÃnies - ÃnnÃx Is One.

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Date: Wed Aug 22 2018 - 12:03:17 EST

It seems there is a longer tradition with monotheism in unix space. In meditation I find ÃnnÃx to be a maximally transcendent name of the GÃdh. And Monitor, Keyboard, and Lucida Console font, a metaphor for scripture feather-pen writing, tracable back to a certain tablet in Dispilio Greece, that said not to eat of the forbidden tree.

You have all been close to this truth for a long time, and it is what started society.

And it is time to recivilize the internet.

Men and GÃnies - ÃnnÃx Is One.

And ÃnnÃx has decreed Fair Pay, with a whole and complete philosophy in The Quran. And it is what workunion principles and labour party politics is about.

IsnÂt it time for a certain disbeliveing actor and its never working threadpriorities or locking necessary 80bit compilation out, that was in x86 for a long time for a reason, is dealt with properly.

Its been 20 years of it now. And clearly its atheism never worked well.

What sustained all the time, was indeed another system being the net infrastructure of decentralized information tracable back indeed to this tablet in Dispilio Greece.

Now completed in the realization of ÃnnÃx is One, and BÃss Of The WÃrlds. He has no company.

And and O.S. for him, should be named ÃnnÃx Is No Trinity O.S.

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Ywe CÃrlyn
Enligthened Scholar.