Re: [PATCH 0/4] lightnvm: pblk: collection of small fixes

From: Matias BjÃrling
Date: Wed Aug 29 2018 - 14:11:40 EST

On 08/29/2018 03:27 PM, Javier Gonzalez wrote:

On 29 Aug 2018, at 15.14, Matias BjÃrling <mb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 08/29/2018 11:01 AM, Javier GonzÃlez wrote:
Collection of small helper function fixes, removal of unused variables
and comment typos.
Javier GonzÃlez (4):
lightnvm: pblk: calculate line pad distance in helper
lightnvm: pblk: fix comment typo
lightnvm: pblk: remove unused variable.
lightnvm: pblk: guarantee emeta on line close
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-core.c | 13 +++++++++++--
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-recovery.c | 2 --
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-write.c | 2 +-
drivers/lightnvm/pblk.h | 6 +++---
4 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

Thanks. Applied 2-4. The pad distance does not compile due to missing
update to pblk_pad_distance call from pblk-recovery.c.

Also, it looks like pblk-recovery.c is the only user. Please consider
moving it the function from pblk.h to pblk-recovery.c

I reordered to send the helpers, but you can see that all these are made
to support.

lightnvm: pblk: recover open lines on 2.0 devices

Can you fix this directly and apply 1 too? I'm fine with moving it to
pblk-recovery.c. The patch above will use it.

Yes. I've fixed it up in pblk-recovery.c, and also moved the function to pblk-recovery.c. Applied for 4.20.