Re: [PATCH 10/23] wireless: remove unnecessary unlikely()

From: Igor Stoppa
Date: Fri Aug 31 2018 - 09:44:59 EST

On 31/08/18 12:52, Kalle Valo wrote:
+ linux-wireless

IMHO you could fold patches 10, 11 and 12 into one to avoid having three
patches with duplicate titles. Or alternatively use proper driver
prefixes like "ath10k:", "b43:" and so on.

I was wondering if it would be ok to fold them, but it's easier to fold than to split, so I started with 3

But how do you want these to be applied? For the wireless patches you
didn't Cc linux-wireless so our patchwork won't see them and hence I
can't take them. So if you want me to take these, please resend and
include linux-wireless.

ok, I was hoping to avoid joining the ml but it's done
I had patches for about 20 different trees, so I decided to first see if the patches could be taken in right away.
In at least one case (pinctrl) I got lucky :-)

thanks, igor