Urgent Attention Needed.

From: Dr Vincenzo Pavan
Date: Sat Sep 15 2018 - 14:23:42 EST

Urgent Attention Needed.

We have been trying to reach out to you severally in respect to your
compensation scheme funds worth $500,000 provided by the federal
government powered by the world bank group, but due to unclassified
reasons our mails to you have been bounced and our server alerted error
on sending them to you and i just hope this last message gets to you on
time because there is an emergency here!

Did you authorize Mrs. Ann to pay the pending wire transfer charges/
bank transfer acceptance fee to claim your WORLD BANK/IMF assisted scam
victim compensation funds of $500,000 dollars? She has been sending
mail to us in respect of your funds claiming to be your Accountant and
that you are seriously ill, now due to the fact that we could not get
access to you despite all odds, personally i am suspecting something
fishy that is why am writing you now to reconfirm that you asked her to
pay the pending wire transfer charges / bank transfer acceptance fee to
receive your funds.

please you are alerted to reply urgent so that if she is not from you
we will have her tracked down and Arrested by FBI! so do reconfirm to
this bank as a matter of urgency if this woman is your Accountant or
not so that the Central Bank of West African Benin will not beheld
responsible for paying into wrong account,thank you.


Dr Vincenzo Pavan Digiacom.
Assistance Director,
Central Bank Benin Republic.