[PATCH 0/2] code of conduct fixes

From: James Bottomley
Date: Sat Oct 06 2018 - 17:35:48 EST

We've had several threads discussing potential changes to the code of
conduct but Mauro is the only person to have proposed an actual patch.
In order to move the debate on, I'm presenting two patches, one to fix
the email problem Mauro identified and the other to strip the
enforcement section pending community discussion as Shuah suggested.

I'll take responsibility for collecting any tags people want to add
(review/ack/sign off, etc) and sending the patch in as a signed pull
request before 4.19 final if they get enough community support.

Note, I've sent both patches in as a series to facilitate review and
discussion, but they are separable if one is looked on with less favour
than the other.

It was also a bit unclear which list to send this to, but I finally
settled on linux-kernel as the catch all and ksummit-discuss since
that's where most of the current discussion is. I can add other lists
as people suggest them.



James Bottomley (2):
 code-of-conduct: Fix the ambiguity about collecting email addresses
 code-of-conduct: Strip the enforcement paragraph pending community

ÂDocumentation/process/code-of-conduct.rst | 17 +----------------
Â1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 16 deletions(-)