Re: [PATCH v3 2/9] dt-bindings: ti-lmu: Remove LM3697

From: Tony Lindgren
Date: Fri Oct 19 2018 - 10:58:18 EST

* Dan Murphy <dmurphy@xxxxxx> [181019 11:42]:
> On 10/18/2018 05:10 PM, Pavel Machek wrote:
> >
> > Now... this is what I've suggested before. If you don't agree, you may
> > want to contact Tony Lindgren, IIRC he works for TI, too, and might be
> > willing to help.
> I will ping Tony just to close the loop. I will be posting v4 today after making the changes.
> I was hoping to have some code review prior to posting v4 but have not received any comments so
> v4 will just be a patch rearrangement.

I guess not much to ping here though as I know little about these
chips :) As long as Rob is happy with the binding changes I'll be
happy too.