Re: Regression: OOPs on boot due to "wlcore: Add support for optional wakeirq"

From: Tony Lindgren
Date: Thu Oct 25 2018 - 13:26:11 EST

* John Stultz <john.stultz@xxxxxxxxxx> [181025 17:04]:
> Hey Tony,
> In testing linus/master on my hikey board, I'm hitting the following
> OOPS on bootup:
> [ 1.870279] Unable to handle kernel read from unreadable memory at
> [ 1.870485] wl1271_probe+0x210/0x350
> [ 1.870491] sdio_bus_probe+0x100/0x128
> I've bisected it down to 3c83dd577c7f ("wlcore: Add support for
> optional wakeirq").
> It seems since we don't have a wakeirq value in the dts, the wakeirq
> value in wl1271_probe() is zero, which then causes trouble in
> irqd_get_trigger_type(irq_get_irq_data(wakeirq)).
> Should we check wakeirq before we set the second elements of res[]?

Oh sorry about that, yeah I'll take a look and post a patch ASAP.
Hmm for me value 0 there causes no errors looks like.