Re: [PATCH anybus v1 2/4] dt-bindings: anybus-bridge: document devicetree binding.

From: Linus Walleij
Date: Fri Oct 26 2018 - 07:28:57 EST

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 3:55 PM <thesven73@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> + fsl,weim-cs-timing = <0x024400b1 0x00001010 0x20081100
> >> + 0x00000000 0xa0000240 0x00000000>;
> >
> > Is it just a copy/paste from
> > Documentation/devicetree/bindings/bus/imx-weim.txt
> > leftover?
> No. We attach the bridge to the i.MX WEIM bus. Every fdt WEIM child node
> requires a fsl,weim-cs-timing property, which provides the bus timing for
> that particular chip select. It's the weim driver that requires this,
> I'm only following its instructions.
> Should I just leave this out in the example? In theory, the bridge can be
> connected to any parallel bus, so fsl,weim-cs-timing is Too Much Information
> for the example?

No it's fine, I understand it now.

Whay you can do is write before the example that this example node
is using the WEIM bindings and reference that binding document.

Linus Walleij