GNU Kind Communication Guidelines / New Code Of Conduct = Insufficient Pseudoreligion

From: Ywe CÃrlyn
Date: Sat Oct 27 2018 - 11:09:33 EST


As a researcher I started a trend in here a few years ago, where criticism of the lack of coherent philosophy behind Linux, now seems to have resulted in a few lines of pseudoreligious statements, that supposedly is the answer to this, called "GNU Kind Communication Guidelines" and "New Code Of Conduct".

Again, ofcourse none of this will solve anything. A full and coherent philosophy is needed. I/O in the 50s was indeed based in "God", and a biblical background. For a full coherent philosophy, globally, one needs the roots, and corrected roots, and that means a Quran now, with full corrected Ibrahimic background. Islam indeed is an inescapable growing trend, and just as any good development should be accepted.
Indeed The Quran states, deal justly, and fair pay measures should be implemented kernelwise. So that indeed available source can be a real alternative in this businessdominated sector.

A global fair pay available source system, would be the logical conclusion and next move, and requires such a philosophical coherence.
And one day people might be grown enough to do without Pingu idols:Â

Do not wait for GNU7 Unyx w/ Mate.

This is it.

Ywe CÃrlyn