Re: UI messages in event thread hangs perf top

From: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
Date: Mon Oct 29 2018 - 08:25:36 EST

Em Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 08:58:30PM -0700, David Miller escreveu:
> If I run perf top with a "make -j128" kernel build, I get ring buffer event
> processing timeouts which results in:
> ui__warning("Too slow to read ring buffer.\n"
> "Please try increasing the period (-c) or\n"
> "decreasing the freq (-F) or\n"
> "limiting the number of CPUs (-C)\n");
> from perf_top__mmap_read().
> This hangs the main event thread. Only the display thread runs after
> this point.
> We can't issue UI messages from the event thread, because those will
> hang waiting for a keypress. The display thread will eat any keys
> we press and the event thread thus hangs forever.
> I can tell this is what has happened because the histogram entries
> continue to decay, yet the event count stops increasing.
> If I put a gdb on the perf process, indeed the backtrace in the event
> processing thread is in the select() call done by ui__getch().
> Adding insult to injury, the display thread immediately overwrites the
> warning message printed by the event thread, and thus the user has no
> chance to even see it.
> I really wonder how this was tested.
> Perhaps we should mark the event thread in a special way and trigger
> assertions if UI messages are printed from it. Again, any such
> operation will hang the thread and stop all event processing.

Right, I thought about marking a flag in the main event thread that then
gets picked up by the display thread, I'll try and write a patch for
that, if none has been submitted, I'm still downloading this weekend's

- Arnaldo

P.S. I was busy working as a volunteer in the brazilian elections :-\