Re: [PATCH] dmaengine: ti: omap-dma: Configure LCH_TYPE for OMAP1

From: Russell King - ARM Linux
Date: Sat Nov 24 2018 - 14:29:48 EST

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 09:06:48PM +0200, Aaro Koskinen wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 05:48:23PM +0000, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> > Hmm, there's more questionable stuff in this driver, and the gadget
> > layer.
> [...]
> > So, whatever way I look at this, the code in the removal path both
> > in omap_udc and the gadget removal code higher up looks very wrong
> > and broken to me.
> Yes, week ago I saw omap_udc crashing on both probe failure and
> module removal and sent some fixes for the most obvious failures (see

The effect of your patch is basically to replace the release function
with a no-op function.

> Is there any good driver that uses usb_add_gadget_udc_release() correctly?
> Looking at fsl_qe_udc.c and fsl_udc_core.c they should also crash if
> usb_add_gadget_udc_release() fails.

usb_add_gadget_udc_release() itself will call the release function
automatically on error.

The release function should _also_ be called when usb_del_gadget_udc()
is called (and would be guaranteed if the memset() is removed.)

So, moving the cleanup in the remove path into the release function
would solve the problem with omap_udc, and removing the memset()
would solve the problem with the core code.

It does leave a problem if the omap_udc module is removed - the
release function _could_ be called after the module has been removed
which would lead to an oops. That's presumably why there's a
completion. One solution to that would be to move the assignment
of udc->done before the call to usb_del_gadget_udc().

However, using a completion for something like this tends to be
frowned upon, but I don't see any other way to ensure correctness

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