Health is wealth,Total cure for cancer and infertility

From: total health
Date: Tue Nov 27 2018 - 07:10:15 EST

To Whom it might Interest:

Out of the Mangroove forest and dry vegetation of Africa comes a
groundbreaking discovery,a herbal mixture of roots and flower petals
[names purposely omitted] comes the cure and prevention to some of
man's dreaded diseases including impotency in men and women,some forms
of cancer and rare eye infections.

Discovered by Dr. Alhaji Ousmane Sawadogo of Ouagadougou,Burkina
faso,formularized and tested by a group of leading pharmacists and
scientist from from Asia and South America comes a formular capable of
washing the human system and restoring to health leaving no side

We call on Marketers,Pharmacist,Journalists looking for a big story,
Hospitals,Scientist and Individuals to come,make use,see and be
convinced as a trial is certain to convince as it has done for many and
is still doing,for more enquires about this drug please contact; Dr.
abdulrahman on this E-mail; Dr.abdul_kampore@xxxxxxxx or Mr Allen on

Please place your orders and share the goodnews around as doing so
might save a life,Thank you and have a blessed day.