RE: [PATCH V2] ASoC: max98373: Added max98373_reset for stable amp reset

From: Ryan Lee
Date: Wed Nov 28 2018 - 12:07:08 EST

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>Subject: Re: [PATCH V2] ASoC: max98373: Added max98373_reset for stable
>amp reset
>On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 03:20:16AM +0000, Ryan Lee wrote:
>> Signed-off-by: Ryan Lee <ryans.lee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> ---
>Not seeing a changelog here like I asked for :(

Actually I added changelog as below. Do you mean this is not sufficient?

Changes since v1 : Removed unusual repeat for amp software reset and verification.
Amp software reset will be performed once and it repeats verification maximum 3 times if it is failed.
Wait 10ms before every verification trial. Maximum 30ms delay will be applied to wait AMP idle state.

>> Changes : Created max98373_reset function to minimize code duplication.
>> Changed regmap_write to regmap_update_bits. Other bits except LSB
>need to be masked.
>> Added reset verification step to make sure software reset is completed
>well. Software reset is done in 10ms in normal case.
>> Revision ID is available when the amp is in the idle state which means
>software reset is completed.
>> Software reset will be performed maximum 3 times to avoid amp reset
>failure. Generally it is done in the first trial.
>> sleep time after software reset is increased + 30ms for every retrial.
>Maximum possible msleep time is 100 ms (initial 10 ms + 30 ms * 3 times).
>This looks like it's supposed to be a changelog but it isn't one?