Re: [v2] mtd: spi-nor: parse SFDP 4-byte Address Instruction Table

From: Boris Brezillon
Date: Sat Dec 08 2018 - 07:30:48 EST

On Thu, 2018-12-06 at 14:43:39 UTC, wrote:
> From: Cyrille Pitchen <cyrille.pitchen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Add support for SFDP (JESD216B) 4-byte Address Instruction Table. This
> table is optional but when available, we parse it to get the 4-byte
> address op codes supported by the memory.
> Using these op codes is stateless as opposed to entering the 4-byte
> address mode or setting the Base Address Register (BAR).
> Flashes that have the 4BAIT table declared can now support
> SPINOR_OP_PP_1_1_4_4B and SPINOR_OP_PP_1_4_4_4B opcodes.
> Tested on MX25L25673G.
> Signed-off-by: Cyrille Pitchen <cyrille.pitchen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> [tudor.ambarus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> - rework erase and page program logic,
> - pass DMA-able buffer to spi_nor_read_sfdp(),
> - introduce SPI_NOR_HAS_4BAIT
> - various minor updates.]
> Signed-off-by: Tudor Ambarus <tudor.ambarus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Applied to spi-nor/next, thanks.