[GIT PULL] xfs: fixes for v4.20-rc6

From: Darrick J. Wong
Date: Sat Dec 08 2018 - 11:36:52 EST

Hi Linus,

Here are hopefully the last set of fixes for 4.20. There's a fix for a
longstanding statfs reporting problem with project quotas, a correction
for page cache invalidation behaviors when fallocating near EOF, and a
fix for a broken metadata verifier return code.

Finally, the most important fix is to the pipe splicing code (aka the
generic copy_file_range fallback) to avoid pointless short directio
reads by only asking the filesystem for as much data as there are
available pages in the pipe buffer. Our previous fix (simulated short
directio reads because the number of pages didn't match the length of
the read requested) caused subtle problems on overlayfs, so that part is

Anyhow, this series passes fstests -g all on xfs and overlay+xfs, and
has passed 17 billion fsx operations problem-free since I started
testing; and merges cleanly with master as of last night, so please let
me know if you encounter problems.


The following changes since commit 8c110d43c6bca4b24dd13272a9d4e0ba6f2ec957:

iomap: readpages doesn't zero page tail beyond EOF (2018-11-21 10:10:54 -0800)

are available in the Git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs-linux.git tags/xfs-4.20-fixes-3

for you to fetch changes up to 8f67b5adc030553fbc877124306f3f3bdab89aa8:

iomap: partially revert 4721a601099 (simulated directio short read on EFAULT) (2018-12-04 09:40:02 -0800)

Changes since last update:
- Fix broken project quota inode counts
- Fix incorrect PAGE_MASK/PAGE_SIZE usage
- Fix incorrect return value in btree verifier
- Fix WARN_ON remap flags false positive
- Fix splice read overflows

Darrick J. Wong (4):
xfs: fix PAGE_MASK usage in xfs_free_file_space
vfs: allow some remap flags to be passed to vfs_clone_file_range
splice: don't read more than available pipe space
iomap: partially revert 4721a601099 (simulated directio short read on EFAULT)

Eric Sandeen (1):
xfs: fix inverted return from xfs_btree_sblock_verify_crc

Ye Yin (1):
fs/xfs: fix f_ffree value for statfs when project quota is set

fs/iomap.c | 9 ---------
fs/read_write.c | 2 +-
fs/splice.c | 7 ++++++-
fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_btree.c | 2 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_bmap_util.c | 4 ++--
fs/xfs/xfs_qm_bhv.c | 2 +-
6 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)