[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.20.0

From: Junio C Hamano
Date: Sun Dec 09 2018 - 03:43:27 EST

The latest feature release Git v2.20.0 is now available at the usual
places. It is comprised of 962 non-merge commits since v2.19.0
(this is by far the largest release in v2.x.x series), contributed
by 83 people, 26 of which are new faces.

The tarballs are found at:


The following public repositories all have a copy of the 'v2.20.0'
tag and the 'master' branch that the tag points at:

url = https://kernel.googlesource.com/pub/scm/git/git
url = git://repo.or.cz/alt-git.git
url = https://github.com/gitster/git

New contributors whose contributions weren't in v2.19.0 are as follows.
Welcome to the Git development community!

Aaron Lindsay, Alexander Pyhalov, Anton Serbulov, Brendan
Forster, Carlo Marcelo Arenas BelÃn, Daniels Umanovskis,
David Zych, ÄoÃn Trán CÃng Danh, Frederick Eaton, Greg
Hurrell, James Knight, Jann Horn, Joshua Watt, Loo Rong Jie,
Lucas De Marchi, Matthew DeVore, Mihir Mehta, Minh Nguyen,
Nickolai Belakovski, Roger Strain, Sam McKelvie, Saulius Gurklys,
Shulhan, Steven Fernandez, Strain, Roger L, and Tim Schumacher.

Returning contributors who helped this release are as follows.
Thanks for your continued support.

Ãvar ArnfjÃrà Bjarmason, Alban Gruin, Alexander Shopov,
Andreas Gruenbacher, Andreas Heiduk, Antonio Ospite, Ben Peart,
Brandon Williams, brian m. carlson, Christian Couder, Christian
Hesse, Christopher DÃaz Riveros, Denton Liu, Derrick Stolee,
Elijah Newren, Eric Sunshine, Jean-NoÃl Avila, Jeff Hostetler,
Jeff King, Jiang Xin, Johannes Schindelin, Johannes Sixt,
Jonathan Nieder, Jonathan Tan, Jordi Mas, Josh Steadmon,
Junio C Hamano, Karsten Blees, Luke Diamand, Martin Ãgren,
Max Kirillov, Michael Witten, MichaÅ GÃrny, Nguyán ThÃi
Ngác Duy, Noam Postavsky, Olga Telezhnaya, Peter Krefting,
Phillip Wood, Pratik Karki, Rafael AscensÃo, Ralf Thielow,
Ramsay Jones, Rasmus Villemoes, Renà Scharfe, Sebastian Staudt,
Stefan Beller, Stephen P. Smith, Steve Hoelzer, Sven Strickroth,
SZEDER GÃbor, Tao Qingyun, Taylor Blau, Thomas Gummerer,
Todd Zullinger, Torsten BÃgershausen, Trán Ngác QuÃn,
and Uwe Kleine-KÃnig.


Git 2.20 Release Notes

Backward Compatibility Notes

* "git branch -l <foo>" used to be a way to ask a reflog to be
created while creating a new branch, but that is no longer the
case. It is a short-hand for "git branch --list <foo>" now.

* "git push" into refs/tags/* hierarchy is rejected without getting
forced, but "git fetch" (misguidedly) used the "fast forwarding"
rule used for the refs/heads/* hierarchy; this has been corrected,
which means some fetches of tags that did not fail with older
version of Git will fail without "--force" with this version.

* "git help -a" now gives verbose output (same as "git help -av").
Those who want the old output may say "git help --no-verbose -a"..

* "git cpn --help", when "cpn" is an alias to, say, "cherry-pick -n",
reported only the alias expansion of "cpn" in earlier versions of
Git. It now runs "git cherry-pick --help" to show the manual page
of the command, while sending the alias expansion to the standard
error stream.

* "git send-email" learned to grab address-looking string on any
trailer whose name ends with "-by". This is a backward-incompatible
change. Adding "--suppress-cc=misc-by" on the command line, or
setting sendemail.suppresscc configuration variable to "misc-by",
can be used to disable this behaviour.

Updates since v2.19

UI, Workflows & Features

* Running "git clone" against a project that contain two files with
pathnames that differ only in cases on a case insensitive
filesystem would result in one of the files lost because the
underlying filesystem is incapable of holding both at the same
time. An attempt is made to detect such a case and warn.

* "git checkout -b newbranch [HEAD]" should not have to do as much as
checking out a commit different from HEAD. An attempt is made to
optimize this special case.

* "git rev-list --stdin </dev/null" used to be an error; it now shows
no output without an error. "git rev-list --stdin --default HEAD"
still falls back to the given default when nothing is given on the
standard input.

* Lift code from GitHub to restrict delta computation so that an
object that exists in one fork is not made into a delta against
another object that does not appear in the same forked repository.

* "git format-patch" learned new "--interdiff" and "--range-diff"
options to explain the difference between this version and the
previous attempt in the cover letter (or after the three-dashes as
a comment).

* "git mailinfo" used in "git am" learned to make a best-effort
recovery of a patch corrupted by MUA that sends text/plain with
format=flawed option.
(merge 3aa4d81f88 rs/mailinfo-format-flowed later to maint).

* The rules used by "git push" and "git fetch" to determine if a ref
can or cannot be updated were inconsistent; specifically, fetching
to update existing tags were allowed even though tags are supposed
to be unmoving anchoring points. "git fetch" was taught to forbid
updates to existing tags without the "--force" option.

* "git multi-pack-index" learned to detect corruption in the .midx
file it uses, and this feature has been integrated into "git fsck".

* Generation of (experimental) commit-graph files have so far been
fairly silent, even though it takes noticeable amount of time in a
meaningfully large repository. The users will now see progress

* The minimum version of Windows supported by Windows port of Git is
now set to Vista.

* The completion script (in contrib/) learned to complete a handful of
options "git stash list" command takes.

* The completion script (in contrib/) learned that "git fetch
--multiple" only takes remote names as arguments and no refspecs.

* "git status" learns to show progress bar when refreshing the index
takes a long time.
(merge ae9af12287 nd/status-refresh-progress later to maint).

* "git help -a" and "git help -av" give different pieces of
information, and generally the "verbose" version is more friendly
to the new users. "git help -a" by default now uses the more
verbose output (with "--no-verbose", you can go back to the
original). Also "git help -av" now lists aliases and external
commands, which it did not used to.

* Unlike "grep", "git grep" by default recurses to the whole tree.
The command learned "git grep --recursive" option, so that "git
grep --no-recursive" can serve as a synonym to setting the
max-depth to 0.

* When pushing into a repository that borrows its objects from an
alternate object store, "git receive-pack" that responds to the
push request on the other side lists the tips of refs in the
alternate to reduce the amount of objects transferred. This
sometimes is detrimental when the number of refs in the alternate
is absurdly large, in which case the bandwidth saved in potentially
fewer objects transferred is wasted in excessively large ref
advertisement. The alternate refs that are advertised are now
configurable with a pair of configuration variables.

* "git cmd --help" when "cmd" is aliased used to only say "cmd is
aliased to ...". Now it shows that to the standard error stream
and runs "git $cmd --help" where $cmd is the first word of the
alias expansion.

* The documentation of "git gc" has been updated to mention that it
is no longer limited to "pruning away crufts" but also updates
ancillary files like commit-graph as a part of repository

* "git p4 unshelve" improvements.

* The logic to select the default user name and e-mail on Windows has
been improved.
(merge 501afcb8b0 js/mingw-default-ident later to maint).

* The "rev-list --filter" feature learned to exclude all trees via
"tree:0" filter.

* "git send-email" learned to grab address-looking string on any
trailer whose name ends with "-by"; --suppress-cc=misc-by on the
command line, or setting sendemail.suppresscc configuration
variable to "misc-by", can be used to disable this behaviour.

* "git mergetool" learned to take the "--[no-]gui" option, just like
"git difftool" does.

* "git rebase -i" learned a new insn, 'break', that the user can
insert in the to-do list. Upon hitting it, the command returns
control back to the user.

* New "--pretty=format:" placeholders %GF and %GP that show the GPG
key fingerprints have been invented.

* On platforms with recent cURL library, http.sslBackend configuration
variable can be used to choose a different SSL backend at runtime.
The Windows port uses this mechanism to switch between OpenSSL and
Secure Channel while talking over the HTTPS protocol.

* "git send-email" learned to disable SMTP authentication via the
"--smtp-auth=none" option, even when the smtp username is given
(which turns the authentication on by default).

* A fourth class of configuration files (in addition to the
traditional "system wide", "per user in the $HOME directory" and
"per repository in the $GIT_DIR/config") has been introduced so
that different worktrees that share the same repository (hence the
same $GIT_DIR/config file) can use different customization.

* A pattern with '**' that does not have a slash on either side used
to be an invalid one, but the code now treats such double-asterisks
the same way as two normal asterisks that happen to be adjacent to
each other.
(merge e5bbe09e88 nd/wildmatch-double-asterisk later to maint).

* The "--no-patch" option, which can be used to get a high-level
overview without the actual line-by-line patch difference shown, of
the "range-diff" command was earlier broken, which has been

* The recently merged "rebase in C" has an escape hatch to use the
scripted version when necessary, but it hasn't been documented,
which has been corrected.

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

* Developer builds now use -Wunused-function compilation option.

* One of our CI tests to run with "unusual/experimental/random"
settings now also uses commit-graph and midx.

* When there are too many packfiles in a repository (which is not
recommended), looking up an object in these would require
consulting many pack .idx files; a new mechanism to have a single
file that consolidates all of these .idx files is introduced.

* "git submodule update" is getting rewritten piece-by-piece into C.

* The code for computing history reachability has been shuffled,
obtained a bunch of new tests to cover them, and then being

* The unpack_trees() API used in checking out a branch and merging
walks one or more trees along with the index. When the cache-tree
in the index tells us that we are walking a tree whose flattened
contents is known (i.e. matches a span in the index), as linearly
scanning a span in the index is much more efficient than having to
open tree objects recursively and listing their entries, the walk
can be optimized, which has been done.

* When creating a thin pack, which allows objects to be made into a
delta against another object that is not in the resulting pack but
is known to be present on the receiving end, the code learned to
take advantage of the reachability bitmap; this allows the server
to send a delta against a base beyond the "boundary" commit.

* spatch transformation to replace boolean uses of !hashcmp() to
newly introduced oideq() is added, and applied, to regain
performance lost due to support of multiple hash algorithms.

* Fix a bug in which the same path could be registered under multiple
worktree entries if the path was missing (for instance, was removed
manually). Also, as a convenience, expand the number of cases in
which --force is applicable.

* Split Documentation/config.txt for easier maintenance.
(merge 6014363f0b nd/config-split later to maint).

* Test helper binaries clean-up.
(merge c9a1f4161f nd/test-tool later to maint).

* Various tests have been updated to make it easier to swap the
hash function used for object identification.
(merge ae0c89d41b bc/hash-independent-tests later to maint).

* Update fsck.skipList implementation and documentation.
(merge 371a655074 ab/fsck-skiplist later to maint).

* An alias that expands to another alias has so far been forbidden,
but now it is allowed to create such an alias.

* Various test scripts have been updated for style and also correct
handling of exit status of various commands.

* "gc --auto" ended up calling exit(-1) upon error, which has been
corrected to use exit(1). Also the error reporting behaviour when
daemonized has been updated to exit with zero status when stopping
due to a previously discovered error (which implies there is no
point running gc to improve the situation); we used to exit with
failure in such a case.

* Various codepaths in the core-ish part learned to work on an
arbitrary in-core index structure, not necessarily the default
instance "the_index".
(merge b3c7eef9b0 nd/the-index later to maint).

* Code clean-up in the internal machinery used by "git status" and
"git commit --dry-run".
(merge 73ba5d78b4 ss/wt-status-committable later to maint).

* Some environment variables that control the runtime options of Git
used during tests are getting renamed for consistency.
(merge 4231d1ba99 bp/rename-test-env-var later to maint).

* A pair of new extensions to the index file have been introduced.
They allow the index file to be read in parallel for performance.

* The oidset API was built on top of the oidmap API which in turn is
on the hashmap API. Replace the implementation to build on top of
the khash API and gain performance.

* Over some transports, fetching objects with an exact commit object
name can be done without first seeing the ref advertisements. The
code has been optimized to exploit this.

* In a partial clone that will lazily be hydrated from the
originating repository, we generally want to avoid "does this
object exist (locally)?" on objects that we deliberately omitted
when we created the clone. The cache-tree codepath (which is used
to write a tree object out of the index) however insisted that the
object exists, even for paths that are outside of the partial
checkout area. The code has been updated to avoid such a check.

* To help developers, an EditorConfig file that attempts to follow
the project convention has been added.
(merge b548d698a0 bc/editorconfig later to maint).

* The result of coverage test can be combined with "git blame" to
check the test coverage of code introduced recently with a new
'coverage-diff' tool (in contrib/).
(merge 783faedd65 ds/coverage-diff later to maint).

* An experiment to fuzz test a few areas, hopefully we can gain more
coverage to various areas.

* More codepaths are moving away from hardcoded hash sizes.

* The way the Windows port figures out the current directory has been

* The way DLLs are loaded on the Windows port has been improved.

* Some tests have been reorganized and renamed; "ls t/" now gives a
better overview of what is tested for these scripts than before.

* "git rebase" and "git rebase -i" have been reimplemented in C.

* Windows port learned to use nano-second resolution file timestamps.

* The overly large Documentation/config.txt file have been split into
million little pieces. This potentially allows each individual piece
to be included into the manual page of the command it affects more easily.

* Replace three string-list instances used as look-up tables in "git
fetch" with hashmaps.

* Unify code to read the author-script used in "git am" and the
commands that use the sequencer machinery, e.g. "git rebase -i".

* In preparation to the day when we can deprecate and remove the
"rebase -p", make sure we can skip and later remove tests for

* The history traversal used to implement the tag-following has been
optimized by introducing a new helper.

* The helper function to refresh the cached stat information in the
in-core index has learned to perform the lstat() part of the
operation in parallel on multi-core platforms.

* The code to traverse objects for reachability, used to decide what
objects are unreferenced and expendable, have been taught to also
consider per-worktree refs of other worktrees as starting points to
prevent data loss.

* "git add" needs to internally run "diff-files" equivalent, and the
codepath learned the same optimization as "diff-files" has to run
lstat(2) in parallel to find which paths have been updated in the
working tree.

* The procedure to install dependencies before testing at Travis CI
is getting revamped for both simplicity and flexibility, taking
advantage of the recent move to the vm-based environment.

* The support for format-patch (and send-email) by the command-line
completion script (in contrib/) has been simplified a bit.

* The revision walker machinery learned to take advantage of the
commit generation numbers stored in the commit-graph file.

* The codebase has been cleaned up to reduce "#ifndef NO_PTHREADS".

* The way -lcurl library gets linked has been simplified by taking
advantage of the fact that we can just ask curl-config command how.

* Various functions have been audited for "-Wunused-parameter" warnings
and bugs in them got fixed.

* A sanity check for start-up sequence has been added in the config
API codepath.

* The build procedure to link for fuzzing test has been made
customizable with a new Makefile variable.

* The way "git rebase" parses and forwards the command line options
meant for underlying "git am" has been revamped, which fixed for
options with parameters that were not passed correctly.

* Our testing framework uses a special i18n "poisoned localization"
feature to find messages that ought to stay constant but are
incorrectly marked to be translated. This feature has been made
into a runtime option (it used to be a compile-time option).

* "git push" used to check ambiguities between object-names and
refnames while processing the list of refs' old and new values,
which was unnecessary (as it knew that it is feeding raw object
names). This has been optimized out.

* The xcurl_off_t() helper function is used to cast size_t to
curl_off_t, but some compilers gave warnings against the code to
ensure the casting is done without wraparound, when size_t is
narrower than curl_off_t. This warning has been squelched.

* Code preparation to replace ulong vars with size_t vars where
appropriate continues.

* The "test installed Git" mode of our test suite has been updated to
work better.

* A coding convention around the Coccinelle semantic patches to have
two classes to ease code migration process has been proposed and
its support has been added to the Makefile.

* The "container" mode of TravisCI is going away. Our .travis.yml
file is getting prepared for the transition.
(merge 32ee384be8 ss/travis-ci-force-vm-mode later to maint).

* Our test scripts can now take the '-V' option as a synonym for the
'--verbose-log' option.
(merge a5f52c6dab sg/test-verbose-log later to maint).

Fixes since v2.19

* "git interpret-trailers" and its underlying machinery had a buggy
code that attempted to ignore patch text after commit log message,
which triggered in various codepaths that will always get the log
message alone and never get such an input.
(merge 66e83d9b41 jk/trailer-fixes later to maint).

* Malformed or crafted data in packstream can make our code attempt
to read or write past the allocated buffer and abort, instead of
reporting an error, which has been fixed.

* "git rebase -i" did not clear the state files correctly when a run
of "squash/fixup" is aborted and then the user manually amended the
commit instead, which has been corrected.
(merge 10d2f35436 js/rebase-i-autosquash-fix later to maint).

* When fsmonitor is in use, after operation on submodules updates
.gitmodules, we lost track of the fact that we did so and relied on
stale fsmonitor data.
(merge 43f1180814 bp/mv-submodules-with-fsmonitor later to maint).

* Fix for a long-standing bug that leaves the index file corrupt when
it shrinks during a partial commit.
(merge 6c003d6ffb jk/reopen-tempfile-truncate later to maint).

* Further fix for O_APPEND emulation on Windows
(merge eeaf7ddac7 js/mingw-o-append later to maint).

* A corner case bugfix in "git rerere" code.
(merge ad2bf0d9b4 en/rerere-multi-stage-1-fix later to maint).

* "git add ':(attr:foo)'" is not supported and is supposed to be
rejected while the command line arguments are parsed, but we fail
to reject such a command line upfront.
(merge 84d938b732 nd/attr-pathspec-fix later to maint).

* Recent update broke the reachability algorithm when refs (e.g.
tags) that point at objects that are not commit were involved,
which has been fixed.

* "git rebase" etc. in Git 2.19 fails to abort when given an empty
commit log message as result of editing, which has been corrected.
(merge a3ec9eaf38 en/sequencer-empty-edit-result-aborts later to maint).

* The code to backfill objects in lazily cloned repository did not
work correctly, which has been corrected.
(merge e68302011c jt/lazy-object-fetch-fix later to maint).

* Update error messages given by "git remote" and make them consistent.
(merge 5025425dff ms/remote-error-message-update later to maint).

* "git update-ref" learned to make both "--no-deref" and "--stdin"
work at the same time.
(merge d345e9fbe7 en/update-ref-no-deref-stdin later to maint).

* Recently added "range-diff" had a corner-case bug to cause it
segfault, which has been corrected.
(merge e467a90c7a tg/range-diff-corner-case-fix later to maint).

* The recently introduced commit-graph auxiliary data is incompatible
with mechanisms such as replace & grafts that "breaks" immutable
nature of the object reference relationship. Disable optimizations
based on its use (and updating existing commit-graph) when these
incompatible features are in use in the repository.
(merge 829a321569 ds/commit-graph-with-grafts later to maint).

* The mailmap file update.
(merge 255eb03edf jn/mailmap-update later to maint).

* The code in "git status" sometimes hit an assertion failure. This
was caused by a structure that was reused without cleaning the data
used for the first run, which has been corrected.
(merge 3e73cc62c0 en/status-multiple-renames-to-the-same-target-fix later to maint).

* "git fetch $repo $object" in a partial clone did not correctly
fetch the asked-for object that is referenced by an object in
promisor packfile, which has been fixed.

* A corner-case bugfix.
(merge c5cbb27cb5 sm/show-superproject-while-conflicted later to maint).

* Various fixes to "diff --color-moved-ws".

* A partial clone that is configured to lazily fetch missing objects
will on-demand issue a "git fetch" request to the originating
repository to fill not-yet-obtained objects. The request has been
optimized for requesting a tree object (and not the leaf blob
objects contained in it) by telling the originating repository that
no blobs are needed.
(merge 4c7f9567ea jt/non-blob-lazy-fetch later to maint).

* The codepath to support the experimental split-index mode had
remaining "racily clean" issues fixed.
(merge 4c490f3d32 sg/split-index-racefix later to maint).

* "git log --graph" showing an octopus merge sometimes miscounted the
number of display columns it is consuming to show the merge and its
parent commits, which has been corrected.
(merge 04005834ed np/log-graph-octopus-fix later to maint).

* "git range-diff" did not work well when the compared ranges had
changes in submodules and the "--submodule=log" was used.

* The implementation of run_command() API on the UNIX platforms had a
bug that caused a command not on $PATH to be found in the current
(merge f67b980771 jk/run-command-notdot later to maint).

* A mutex used in "git pack-objects" were not correctly initialized
and this caused "git repack" to dump core on Windows.
(merge 34204c8166 js/pack-objects-mutex-init-fix later to maint).

* Under certain circumstances, "git diff D:/a/b/c D:/a/b/d" on
Windows would strip initial parts from the paths because they
were not recognized as absolute, which has been corrected.
(merge ffd04e92e2 js/diff-notice-has-drive-prefix later to maint).

* The receive.denyCurrentBranch=updateInstead codepath kicked in even
when the push should have been rejected due to other reasons, such
as it does not fast-forward or the update-hook rejects it, which
has been corrected.
(merge b072a25fad jc/receive-deny-current-branch-fix later to maint).

* The logic to determine the archive type "git archive" uses did not
correctly kick in for "git archive --remote", which has been

* "git repack" in a shallow clone did not correctly update the
shallow points in the repository, leading to a repository that
does not pass fsck.
(merge 5dcfbf564c js/shallow-and-fetch-prune later to maint).

* Some codepaths failed to form a proper URL when .gitmodules record
the URL to a submodule repository as relative to the repository of
superproject, which has been corrected.
(merge e0a862fdaf sb/submodule-url-to-absolute later to maint).

* "git fetch" over protocol v2 into a shallow repository failed to
fetch full history behind a new tip of history that was diverged
before the cut-off point of the history that was previously fetched

* The command line completion machinery (in contrib/) has been
updated to allow the completion script to tweak the list of options
that are reported by the parse-options machinery correctly.
(merge 276b49ff34 nd/completion-negation later to maint).

* Operations on promisor objects make sense in the context of only a
small subset of the commands that internally use the revisions
machinery, but the "--exclude-promisor-objects" option were taken
and led to nonsense results by commands like "log", to which it
didn't make much sense. This has been corrected.
(merge 669b1d2aae md/exclude-promisor-objects-fix later to maint).

* A regression in Git 2.12 era made "git fsck" fall into an infinite
loop while processing truncated loose objects.
(merge 18ad13e5b2 jk/detect-truncated-zlib-input later to maint).

* "git ls-remote $there foo" was broken by recent update for the
protocol v2 and stopped showing refs that match 'foo' that are not
refs/{heads,tags}/foo, which has been fixed.
(merge 6a139cdd74 jk/proto-v2-ref-prefix-fix later to maint).

* Additional comment on a tricky piece of code to help developers.
(merge 0afbe3e806 jk/stream-pack-non-delta-clarification later to maint).

* A couple of tests used to leave the repository in a state that is
deliberately corrupt, which have been corrected.
(merge aa984dbe5e ab/pack-tests-cleanup later to maint).

* The submodule support has been updated to read from the blob at
HEAD:.gitmodules when the .gitmodules file is missing from the
working tree.
(merge 2b1257e463 ao/submodule-wo-gitmodules-checked-out later to maint).

* "git fetch" was a bit loose in parsing responses from the other side
when talking over the protocol v2.

* "git rev-parse --exclude=* --branches --branches" (i.e. first
saying "add only things that do not match '*' out of all branches"
and then adding all branches, without any exclusion this time)
worked as expected, but "--exclude=* --all --all" did not work the
same way, which has been fixed.
(merge 5221048092 ag/rev-parse-all-exclude-fix later to maint).

* "git send-email --transfer-encoding=..." in recent versions of Git
sometimes produced an empty "Content-Transfer-Encoding:" header,
which has been corrected.
(merge 3c88e46f1a al/send-email-auto-cte-fixup later to maint).

* The interface into "xdiff" library used to discover the offset and
size of a generated patch hunk by first formatting it into the
textual hunk header "@@ -n,m +k,l @@" and then parsing the numbers
out. A new interface has been introduced to allow callers a more
direct access to them.
(merge 5eade0746e jk/xdiff-interface later to maint).

* Pathspec matching against a tree object were buggy when negative
pathspec elements were involved, which has been fixed.
(merge b7845cebc0 nd/tree-walk-path-exclusion later to maint).

* "git merge" and "git pull" that merges into an unborn branch used
to completely ignore "--verify-signatures", which has been
(merge 01a31f3bca jk/verify-sig-merge-into-void later to maint).

* "git rebase --autostash" did not correctly re-attach the HEAD at times.

* "rev-parse --exclude=<pattern> --branches=<pattern>" etc. did not
quite work, which has been corrected.
(merge 9ab9b5df0e ra/rev-parse-exclude-glob later to maint).

* When editing a patch in a "git add -i" session, a hunk could be
made to no-op. The "git apply" program used to reject a patch with
such a no-op hunk to catch user mistakes, but it is now updated to
explicitly allow a no-op hunk in an edited patch.
(merge 22cb3835b9 js/apply-recount-allow-noop later to maint).

* The URL to an MSDN page in a comment has been updated.
(merge 2ef2ae2917 js/mingw-msdn-url later to maint).

* "git ls-remote --sort=<thing>" can feed an object that is not yet
available into the comparison machinery and segfault, which has
been corrected to check such a request upfront and reject it.

* When "git bundle" aborts due to an empty commit ranges
(i.e. resulting in an empty pack), it left a file descriptor to an
lockfile open, which resulted in leftover lockfile on Windows where
you cannot remove a file with an open file descriptor. This has
been corrected.
(merge 2c8ee1f53c jk/close-duped-fd-before-unlock-for-bundle later to maint).

* "git format-patch --stat=<width>" can be used to specify the width
used by the diffstat (shown in the cover letter).
(merge 284aeb7e60 nd/format-patch-cover-letter-stat-width later to maint).

* The way .git/index and .git/sharedindex* files were initially
created gave these files different perm bits until they were
adjusted for shared repository settings. This was made consistent.
(merge c9d6c78870 cc/shared-index-permbits later to maint).

* "git rebase --stat" to transplant a piece of history onto a totally
unrelated history were not working before and silently showed wrong
result. With the recent reimplementation in C, it started to instead
die with an error message, as the original logic was not prepared
to cope with this case. This has now been fixed.

* The advice message to tell the user to migrate an existing graft
file to the replace system when a graft file was read was shown
even when "git replace --convert-graft-file" command, which is the
way the message suggests to use, was running, which made little
(merge 8821e90a09 ab/replace-graft-with-replace-advice later to maint).

* "git diff --raw" lost ellipses to adjust the output columns for
some time now, but the documentation still showed them.

* Code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge 96a7501aad ts/doc-build-manpage-xsl-quietly later to maint).
(merge b9b07efdb2 tg/conflict-marker-size later to maint).
(merge fa0aeea770 sg/doc-trace-appends later to maint).
(merge d64324cb60 tb/void-check-attr later to maint).
(merge c3b9bc94b9 en/double-semicolon-fix later to maint).
(merge 79336116f5 sg/t3701-tighten-trace later to maint).
(merge 801fa63a90 jk/dev-build-format-security later to maint).
(merge 0597dd62ba sb/string-list-remove-unused later to maint).
(merge db2d36fad8 bw/protocol-v2 later to maint).
(merge 456d7cd3a9 sg/split-index-test later to maint).
(merge 7b6057c852 tq/refs-internal-comment-fix later to maint).
(merge 29e8dc50ad tg/t5551-with-curl-7.61.1 later to maint).
(merge 55f6bce2c9 fe/doc-updates later to maint).
(merge 7987d2232d jk/check-everything-connected-is-long-gone later to maint).
(merge 4ba3c9be47 dz/credential-doc-url-matching-rules later to maint).
(merge 4c399442f7 ma/commit-graph-docs later to maint).
(merge fc0503b04e ma/t1400-undebug-test later to maint).
(merge e56b53553a nd/packobjectshook-doc-fix later to maint).
(merge c56170a0c4 ma/mailing-list-address-in-git-help later to maint).
(merge 6e8fc70fce rs/sequencer-oidset-insert-avoids-dups later to maint).
(merge ad0b8f9575 mw/doc-typofixes later to maint).
(merge d9f079ad1a jc/how-to-document-api later to maint).
(merge b1492bf315 ma/t7005-bash-workaround later to maint).
(merge ac1f98a0df du/rev-parse-is-plumbing later to maint).
(merge ca8ed443a5 mm/doc-no-dashed-git later to maint).
(merge ce366a8144 du/get-tar-commit-id-is-plumbing later to maint).
(merge 61018fe9e0 du/cherry-is-plumbing later to maint).
(merge c7e5fe79b9 sb/strbuf-h-update later to maint).
(merge 8d2008196b tq/branch-create-wo-branch-get later to maint).
(merge 2e3c894f4b tq/branch-style-fix later to maint).
(merge c5d844af9c sg/doc-show-branch-typofix later to maint).
(merge 081d91618b ah/doc-updates later to maint).
(merge b84c783882 jc/cocci-preincr later to maint).
(merge 5e495f8122 uk/merge-subtree-doc-update later to maint).
(merge aaaa881822 jk/uploadpack-packobjectshook-fix later to maint).
(merge 3063477445 tb/char-may-be-unsigned later to maint).
(merge 8c64bc9420 sg/test-rebase-editor-fix later to maint).
(merge 71571cd7d6 ma/sequencer-do-reset-saner-loop-termination later to maint).
(merge 9a4cb8781e cb/notes-freeing-always-null-fix later to maint).
(merge 3006f5ee16 ma/reset-doc-rendering-fix later to maint).
(merge 4c2eb06419 sg/daemon-test-signal-fix later to maint).
(merge d27525e519 ss/msvc-strcasecmp later to maint).


Changes since v2.19.0 are as follows:

Aaron Lindsay (1):
send-email: avoid empty transfer encoding header

Alban Gruin (21):
sequencer: make three functions and an enum from sequencer.c public
rebase -i: rewrite append_todo_help() in C
editor: add a function to launch the sequence editor
rebase -i: rewrite the edit-todo functionality in C
sequencer: add a new function to silence a command, except if it fails
rebase -i: rewrite setup_reflog_action() in C
rebase -i: rewrite checkout_onto() in C
sequencer: refactor append_todo_help() to write its message to a buffer
sequencer: change the way skip_unnecessary_picks() returns its result
t3404: todo list with commented-out commands only aborts
rebase -i: rewrite complete_action() in C
rebase -i: remove unused modes and functions
rebase -i: implement the logic to initialize $revisions in C
rebase -i: rewrite the rest of init_revisions_and_shortrevisions() in C
rebase -i: rewrite write_basic_state() in C
rebase -i: rewrite init_basic_state() in C
rebase -i: implement the main part of interactive rebase as a builtin
rebase--interactive2: rewrite the submodes of interactive rebase in C
rebase -i: remove git-rebase--interactive.sh
rebase -i: move rebase--helper modes to rebase--interactive
p3400: replace calls to `git checkout -b' by `git checkout -B'

Alexander Pyhalov (1):
t7005-editor: quote filename to fix whitespace-issue

Alexander Shopov (3):
l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (4185t)
l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (4185t)
l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (4187t)

Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
rev-parse: clear --exclude list after 'git rev-parse --all'

Andreas Heiduk (6):
doc: clarify boundaries of 'git worktree list --porcelain'
doc: fix ASCII art tab spacing
doc: fix inappropriate monospace formatting
doc: fix descripion for 'git tag --format'
doc: fix indentation of listing blocks in gitweb.conf.txt
doc: fix formatting in git-update-ref

Anton Serbulov (1):
mingw: fix getcwd when the parent directory cannot be queried

Antonio Ospite (10):
submodule: add a print_config_from_gitmodules() helper
submodule: factor out a config_set_in_gitmodules_file_gently function
t7411: merge tests 5 and 6
t7411: be nicer to future tests and really clean things up
submodule--helper: add a new 'config' subcommand
submodule: use the 'submodule--helper config' command
t7506: clean up .gitmodules properly before setting up new scenario
submodule: add a helper to check if it is safe to write to .gitmodules
submodule: support reading .gitmodules when it's not in the working tree
t/helper: add test-submodule-nested-repo-config

Ben Peart (19):
checkout: optimize "git checkout -b <new_branch>"
git-mv: allow submodules and fsmonitor to work together
t/README: correct spelling of "uncommon"
preload-index: use git_env_bool() not getenv() for customization
fsmonitor: update GIT_TEST_FSMONITOR support
read-cache: update TEST_GIT_INDEX_VERSION support
preload-index: update GIT_FORCE_PRELOAD_TEST support
read-cache: clean up casting and byte decoding
eoie: add End of Index Entry (EOIE) extension
config: add new index.threads config setting
read-cache: load cache extensions on a worker thread
ieot: add Index Entry Offset Table (IEOT) extension
read-cache: load cache entries on worker threads
reset: don't compute unstaged changes after reset when --quiet
reset: add new reset.quiet config setting
reset: warn when refresh_index() takes more than 2 seconds
speed up refresh_index() by utilizing preload_index()
add: speed up cmd_add() by utilizing read_cache_preload()
refresh_index: remove unnecessary calls to preload_index()

Brandon Williams (1):
config: document value 2 for protocol.version

Brendan Forster (1):
http: add support for disabling SSL revocation checks in cURL

Carlo Marcelo Arenas BelÃn (8):
unpack-trees: avoid dead store for struct progress
multi-pack-index: avoid dead store for struct progress
read-cache: use of memory after it is freed
commit-slabs: move MAYBE_UNUSED out
khash: silence -Wunused-function for delta-islands
compat: make sure git_mmap is not expected to write
sequencer: cleanup for gcc warning in non developer mode
builtin/notes: remove unnecessary free

Christian Couder (3):
pack-objects: refactor code into compute_layer_order()
pack-objects: move tree_depth into 'struct packing_data'
pack-objects: move 'layer' into 'struct packing_data'

Christian Hesse (2):
subtree: add build targets 'man' and 'html'
subtree: make install targets depend on build targets

Christopher DÃaz Riveros (2):
l10n: es.po v2.20.0 round 1
l10n: es.po v2.20.0 round 3

Daniels Umanovskis (3):
doc: move git-rev-parse from porcelain to plumbing
doc: move git-get-tar-commit-id to plumbing
doc: move git-cherry to plumbing

David Zych (1):
doc: clarify gitcredentials path component matching

Denton Liu (3):
mergetool: accept -g/--[no-]gui as arguments
completion: support `git mergetool --[no-]gui`
doc: document diff/merge.guitool config keys

Derrick Stolee (93):
multi-pack-index: add design document
multi-pack-index: add format details
multi-pack-index: add builtin
multi-pack-index: add 'write' verb
midx: write header information to lockfile
multi-pack-index: load into memory
t5319: expand test data
packfile: generalize pack directory list
multi-pack-index: read packfile list
multi-pack-index: write pack names in chunk
midx: read pack names into array
midx: sort and deduplicate objects from packfiles
midx: write object ids in a chunk
midx: write object id fanout chunk
midx: write object offsets
config: create core.multiPackIndex setting
midx: read objects from multi-pack-index
midx: use midx in abbreviation calculations
midx: use existing midx when writing new one
midx: use midx in approximate_object_count
midx: prevent duplicate packfile loads
packfile: skip loading index if in multi-pack-index
midx: clear midx on repack
commit-reach: move walk methods from commit.c
commit.h: remove method declarations
commit-reach: move ref_newer from remote.c
commit-reach: move commit_contains from ref-filter
upload-pack: make reachable() more generic
upload-pack: refactor ok_to_give_up()
upload-pack: generalize commit date cutoff
commit-reach: move can_all_from_reach_with_flags
test-reach: create new test tool for ref_newer
test-reach: test in_merge_bases
test-reach: test is_descendant_of
test-reach: test get_merge_bases_many
test-reach: test reduce_heads
test-reach: test can_all_from_reach_with_flags
test-reach: test commit_contains
commit-reach: replace ref_newer logic
commit-reach: make can_all_from_reach... linear
commit-reach: use can_all_from_reach
multi-pack-index: provide more helpful usage info
multi-pack-index: store local property
midx: mark bad packed objects
midx: stop reporting garbage
midx: fix bug that skips midx with alternates
packfile: add all_packs list
treewide: use get_all_packs
midx: test a few commands that use get_all_packs
pack-objects: consider packs in multi-pack-index
commit-graph: update design document
test-repository: properly init repo
commit-graph: not compatible with replace objects
commit-graph: not compatible with grafts
commit-graph: not compatible with uninitialized repo
commit-graph: close_commit_graph before shallow walk
commit-graph: define GIT_TEST_COMMIT_GRAPH
t3206-range-diff.sh: cover single-patch case
t5318: use test_oid for HASH_LEN
multi-pack-index: add 'verify' verb
multi-pack-index: verify bad header
multi-pack-index: verify corrupt chunk lookup table
multi-pack-index: verify packname order
multi-pack-index: verify missing pack
multi-pack-index: verify oid fanout order
multi-pack-index: verify oid lookup order
multi-pack-index: fix 32-bit vs 64-bit size check
multi-pack-index: verify object offsets
multi-pack-index: report progress during 'verify'
fsck: verify multi-pack-index
commit-reach: properly peel tags
commit-reach: fix memory and flag leaks
commit-reach: cleanups in can_all_from_reach...
commit-graph: clean up leaked memory during write
commit-graph: reduce initial oid allocation
midx: fix broken free() in close_midx()
contrib: add coverage-diff script
ci: add optional test variables
commit-reach: fix first-parent heuristic
midx: close multi-pack-index on repack
multi-pack-index: define GIT_TEST_MULTI_PACK_INDEX
packfile: close multi-pack-index in close_all_packs
prio-queue: add 'peek' operation
test-reach: add run_three_modes method
test-reach: add rev-list tests
revision.c: begin refactoring --topo-order logic
commit/revisions: bookkeeping before refactoring
revision.c: generation-based topo-order algorithm
t6012: make rev-list tests more interesting
commit-reach: implement get_reachable_subset
test-reach: test get_reachable_subset
remote: make add_missing_tags() linear
pack-objects: ignore ambiguous object warnings

Elijah Newren (14):
Remove superfluous trailing semicolons
t4200: demonstrate rerere segfault on specially crafted merge
rerere: avoid buffer overrun
update-ref: fix type of update_flags variable to match its usage
update-ref: allow --no-deref with --stdin
sequencer: fix --allow-empty-message behavior, make it smarter
merge-recursive: set paths correctly when three-way merging content
merge-recursive: avoid wrapper function when unnecessary and wasteful
merge-recursive: remove final remaining caller of merge_file_one()
merge-recursive: rename merge_file_1() and merge_content()
commit: fix erroneous BUG, 'multiple renames on the same target? how?'
merge-recursive: improve auto-merging messages with path collisions
merge-recursive: avoid showing conflicts with merge branch before HEAD
fsck: move fsck_head_link() to get_default_heads() to avoid some globals

Eric Sunshine (26):
format-patch: allow additional generated content in make_cover_letter()
format-patch: add --interdiff option to embed diff in cover letter
format-patch: teach --interdiff to respect -v/--reroll-count
interdiff: teach show_interdiff() to indent interdiff
log-tree: show_log: make commentary block delimiting reusable
format-patch: allow --interdiff to apply to a lone-patch
range-diff: respect diff_option.file rather than assuming 'stdout'
range-diff: publish default creation factor
range-diff: relieve callers of low-level configuration burden
format-patch: add --range-diff option to embed diff in cover letter
format-patch: extend --range-diff to accept revision range
format-patch: teach --range-diff to respect -v/--reroll-count
format-patch: add --creation-factor tweak for --range-diff
format-patch: allow --range-diff to apply to a lone-patch
worktree: don't die() in library function find_worktree()
worktree: move delete_git_dir() earlier in file for upcoming new callers
worktree: generalize delete_git_dir() to reduce code duplication
worktree: prepare for more checks of whether path can become worktree
worktree: disallow adding same path multiple times
worktree: teach 'add' to respect --force for registered but missing path
worktree: teach 'move' to override lock when --force given twice
worktree: teach 'remove' to override lock when --force given twice
worktree: delete .git/worktrees if empty after 'remove'
doc-diff: fix non-portable 'man' invocation
doc-diff: add --clean mode to remove temporary working gunk
doc/Makefile: drop doc-diff worktree and temporary files on "make clean"

Frederick Eaton (3):
git-archimport.1: specify what kind of Arch we're talking about
git-column.1: clarify initial description, provide examples
git-describe.1: clarify that "human readable" is also git-readable

Greg Hurrell (1):
doc: update diff-format.txt for removed ellipses in --raw

James Knight (1):
build: link with curl-defined linker flags

Jann Horn (2):
patch-delta: fix oob read
patch-delta: consistently report corruption

Jean-NoÃl Avila (3):
l10n: fr.po v2.20 rnd 1
i18n: fix small typos
l10n: fr.po v2.20.0 round 3

Jeff Hostetler (2):
t0051: test GIT_TRACE to a windows named pipe
mingw: fix mingw_open_append to work with named pipes

Jeff King (98):
branch: make "-l" a synonym for "--list"
Add delta-islands.{c,h}
pack-objects: add delta-islands support
repack: add delta-islands support
t5320: tests for delta islands
t/perf: factor boilerplate out of test_perf
t/perf: factor out percent calculations
t/perf: add infrastructure for measuring sizes
t/perf: add perf tests for fetches from a bitmapped server
pack-bitmap: save "have" bitmap from walk
pack-objects: reuse on-disk deltas for thin "have" objects
SubmittingPatches: mention doc-diff
rev-list: make empty --stdin not an error
trailer: use size_t for string offsets
trailer: use size_t for iterating trailer list
trailer: pass process_trailer_opts to trailer_info_get()
interpret-trailers: tighten check for "---" patch boundary
interpret-trailers: allow suppressing "---" divider
pretty, ref-filter: format %(trailers) with no_divider option
sequencer: ignore "---" divider when parsing trailers
append_signoff: use size_t for string offsets
coccinelle: use <...> for function exclusion
introduce hasheq() and oideq()
convert "oidcmp() == 0" to oideq()
convert "hashcmp() == 0" to hasheq()
convert "oidcmp() != 0" to "!oideq()"
convert "hashcmp() != 0" to "!hasheq()"
convert hashmap comparison functions to oideq()
read-cache: use oideq() in ce_compare functions
show_dirstat: simplify same-content check
doc-diff: always use oids inside worktree
test-delta: read input into a heap buffer
t5303: test some corrupt deltas
patch-delta: handle truncated copy parameters
t5303: use printf to generate delta bases
doc/git-branch: remove obsolete "-l" references
bitmap_has_sha1_in_uninteresting(): drop BUG check
t5310: test delta reuse with bitmaps
traverse_bitmap_commit_list(): don't free result
pack-bitmap: drop "loaded" flag
reopen_tempfile(): truncate opened file
doc-diff: force worktree add
config.mak.dev: add -Wformat-security
pack-objects: handle island check for "external" delta base
receive-pack: update comment with check_everything_connected
submodule--helper: use "--" to signal end of clone options
submodule-config: ban submodule urls that start with dash
submodule-config: ban submodule paths that start with a dash
fsck: detect submodule urls starting with dash
fsck: detect submodule paths starting with dash
more oideq/hasheq conversions
transport: drop refnames from for_each_alternate_ref
test-tool: show tool list on error
config.mak.dev: enable -Wunused-function
run-command: mark path lookup errors with ENOENT
t5410: use longer path for sample script
upload-pack: fix broken if/else chain in config callback
t1450: check large blob in trailing-garbage test
check_stream_sha1(): handle input underflow
cat-file: handle streaming failures consistently
ls-remote: do not send ref prefixes for patterns
ls-remote: pass heads/tags prefixes to transport
read_istream_pack_non_delta(): document input handling
xdiff: provide a separate emit callback for hunks
xdiff-interface: provide a separate consume callback for hunks
rev-list: handle flags for --indexed-objects
approxidate: handle pending number for "specials"
pathspec: handle non-terminated strings with :(attr)
diff: avoid generating unused hunk header lines
diff: discard hunk headers for patch-ids earlier
diff: use hunk callback for word-diff
combine-diff: use an xdiff hunk callback
diff: convert --check to use a hunk callback
range-diff: use a hunk callback
xdiff-interface: drop parse_hunk_header()
apply: mark include/exclude options as NONEG
am: handle --no-patch-format option
ls-files: mark exclude options as NONEG
pack-objects: mark index-version option as NONEG
cat-file: mark batch options with NONEG
status: mark --find-renames option with NONEG
format-patch: mark "--no-numbered" option with NONEG
show-branch: mark --reflog option as NONEG
tag: mark "--message" option with NONEG
cat-file: report an error on multiple --batch options
apply: return -1 from option callback instead of calling exit(1)
parse-options: drop OPT_DATE()
assert NOARG/NONEG behavior of parse-options callbacks
midx: double-check large object write loop
merge: extract verify_merge_signature() helper
merge: handle --verify-signatures for unborn branch
pull: handle --verify-signatures for unborn branch
approxidate: fix NULL dereference in date_time()
bundle: dup() output descriptor closer to point-of-use
pack-objects: fix tree_depth and layer invariants
pack-objects: zero-initialize tree_depth/layer arrays
pack-objects: fix off-by-one in delta-island tree-depth computation
t5562: fix perl path

Jiang Xin (5):
l10n: zh_CN: review for git v2.19.0 l10n
l10n: git.pot: v2.20.0 round 1 (254 new, 27 removed)
l10n: git.pot: v2.20.0 round 2 (2 new, 2 removed)
l10n: git.pot: v2.20.0 round 3 (5 new, 3 removed)
l10n: zh_CN: for git v2.20.0 l10n round 1 to 3

Johannes Schindelin (64):
rebase -i --autosquash: demonstrate a problem skipping the last squash
rebase -i: be careful to wrap up fixup/squash chains
compat/poll: prepare for targeting Windows Vista
mingw: set _WIN32_WINNT explicitly for Git for Windows
mingw: bump the minimum Windows version to Vista
builtin rebase: prepare for builtin rebase -i
rebase -i: clarify what happens on a failed `exec`
rebase -i: introduce the 'break' command
getpwuid(mingw): initialize the structure only once
getpwuid(mingw): provide a better default for the user name
mingw: use domain information for default email
http: add support for selecting SSL backends at runtime
pack-objects: fix typo 'detla' -> 'delta'
pack-objects (mingw): demonstrate a segmentation fault with large deltas
pack-objects (mingw): initialize `packing_data` mutex in the correct spot
rebase (autostash): avoid duplicate call to state_dir_path()
rebase (autostash): store the full OID in <state-dir>/autostash
rebase (autostash): use an explicit OID to apply the stash
mingw: factor out code to set stat() data
rebase --autostash: demonstrate a problem with dirty submodules
rebase --autostash: fix issue with dirty submodules
mingw: load system libraries the recommended way
mingw: ensure `getcwd()` reports the correct case
repack: point out a bug handling stale shallow info
shallow: offer to prune only non-existing entries
repack -ad: prune the list of shallow commits
http: when using Secure Channel, ignore sslCAInfo by default
t7800: fix quoting
mingw: reencode environment variables on the fly (UTF-16 <-> UTF-8)
config: rename `dummy` parameter to `cb` in git_default_config()
config: allow for platform-specific core.* config settings
config: move Windows-specific config settings into compat/mingw.c
mingw: unset PERL5LIB by default
mingw: fix isatty() after dup2()
t3404: decouple some test cases from outcomes of previous test cases
t3418: decouple test cases from a previous `rebase -p` test case
tests: optionally skip `git rebase -p` tests
Windows: force-recompile git.res for differing architectures
built-in rebase: demonstrate regression with --autostash
built-in rebase --autostash: leave the current branch alone if possible
Update .mailmap
rebase -r: demonstrate bug with conflicting merges
rebase -r: do not write MERGE_HEAD unless needed
rebase -i: include MERGE_HEAD into files to clean up
built-in rebase --skip/--abort: clean up stale .git/<name> files
status: rebase and merge can be in progress at the same time
apply --recount: allow "no-op hunks"
rebase: consolidate clean-up code before leaving reset_head()
rebase: prepare reset_head() for more flags
built-in rebase: reinstate `checkout -q` behavior where appropriate
tests: fix GIT_TEST_INSTALLED's PATH to include t/helper/
tests: respect GIT_TEST_INSTALLED when initializing repositories
t/lib-gettext: test installed git-sh-i18n if GIT_TEST_INSTALLED is set
mingw: use `CreateHardLink()` directly
rebase: really just passthru the `git am` options
rebase: validate -C<n> and --whitespace=<mode> parameters early
config: report a bug if git_dir exists without commondir
tests: do not require Git to be built when testing an installed Git
tests: explicitly use `git.exe` on Windows
mingw: replace an obsolete link with the superseding one
legacy-rebase: backport -C<n> and --whitespace=<option> checks
rebase: warn about the correct tree's OID
rebase: fix GIT_REFLOG_ACTION regression
rebase --stat: fix when rebasing to an unrelated history

Johannes Sixt (4):
diff: don't attempt to strip prefix from absolute Windows paths
rebase -i: recognize short commands without arguments
t3404-rebase-interactive: test abbreviated commands
rebase docs: fix incorrect format of the section Behavioral Differences

Jonathan Nieder (9):
gc: improve handling of errors reading gc.log
gc: exit with status 128 on failure
gc: do not return error for prior errors in daemonized mode
commit-reach: correct accidental #include of C file
mailmap: consistently normalize brian m. carlson's name
git doc: direct bug reporters to mailing list archive
eoie: default to not writing EOIE section
ieot: default to not writing IEOT section
index: make index.threads=true enable ieot and eoie

Jonathan Tan (15):
fetch-object: unify fetch_object[s] functions
fetch-object: set exact_oid when fetching
connected: document connectivity in partial clones
fetch: in partial clone, check presence of targets
fetch-pack: avoid object flags if no_dependents
fetch-pack: exclude blobs when lazy-fetching trees
transport: allow skipping of ref listing
transport: do not list refs if possible
transport: list refs before fetch if necessary
fetch: do not list refs if fetching only hashes
cache-tree: skip some blob checks in partial clone
upload-pack: make have_obj not global
upload-pack: make want_obj not global
upload-pack: clear flags before each v2 request
fetch-pack: be more precise in parsing v2 response

Jordi Mas (2):
l10n: Update Catalan translation
l10n: Update Catalan translation

Josh Steadmon (4):
fuzz: add basic fuzz testing target.
fuzz: add fuzz testing for packfile indices.
archive: initialize archivers earlier
Makefile: use FUZZ_CXXFLAGS for linking fuzzers

Joshua Watt (1):
send-email: explicitly disable authentication

Junio C Hamano (37):
Revert "doc/Makefile: drop doc-diff worktree and temporary files on "make clean""
Initial batch post 2.19
Second batch post 2.19
Git 2.14.5
Git 2.15.3
Git 2.16.5
Git 2.17.2
Git 2.18.1
Git 2.19.1
t0000: do not get self-test disrupted by environment warnings
CodingGuidelines: document the API in *.h files
Declare that the next one will be named 2.20
Third batch for 2.20
rebase: fix typoes in error messages
Fourth batch for 2.20
Revert "subtree: make install targets depend on build targets"
Fifth batch for 2.20
receive: denyCurrentBranch=updateinstead should not blindly update
cocci: simplify "if (++u > 1)" to "if (u++)"
fsck: s/++i > 1/i++/
http: give curl version warnings consistently
Sixth batch for 2.20
Seventh batch for 2.20
fetch: replace string-list used as a look-up table with a hashmap
rebase: apply cocci patch
Eighth batch for 2.20
Ninth batch for 2.20
Makefile: ease dynamic-gettext-poison transition
Tenth batch for 2.20
Git 2.20-rc0
RelNotes: name the release properly
Prepare for 2.20-rc1
Git 2.19.2
Git 2.20-rc1
format-patch: do not let its diff-options affect --range-diff
Git 2.20-rc2
Git 2.20

Karsten Blees (2):
mingw: replace MSVCRT's fstat() with a Win32-based implementation
mingw: implement nanosecond-precision file times

Loo Rong Jie (1):
win32: replace pthread_cond_*() with much simpler code

Lucas De Marchi (1):
range-diff: allow to diff files regardless of submodule config

Luke Diamand (3):
git-p4: do not fail in verbose mode for missing 'fileSize' key
git-p4: unshelve into refs/remotes/p4-unshelved, not refs/remotes/p4/unshelved
git-p4: fully support unshelving changelists

Martin Ãgren (15):
Doc: use `--type=bool` instead of `--bool`
git-config.txt: fix 'see: above' note
git-commit-graph.txt: fix bullet lists
git-commit-graph.txt: typeset more in monospace
git-commit-graph.txt: refer to "*commit*-graph file"
Doc: refer to the "commit-graph file" with dash
t1400: drop debug `echo` to actually execute `test`
builtin/commit-graph.c: UNLEAK variables
sequencer: break out of loop explicitly
git-reset.txt: render tables correctly under Asciidoctor
git-reset.txt: render literal examples as monospace
range-diff: always pass at least minimal diff options
RelNotes 2.20: move some items between sections
RelNotes 2.20: clarify sentence
RelNotes 2.20: drop spurious double quote

Matthew DeVore (19):
list-objects: store common func args in struct
list-objects: refactor to process_tree_contents
list-objects: always parse trees gently
t/README: reformat Do, Don't, Keep in mind lists
Documentation: add shell guidelines
tests: standardize pipe placement
t/*: fix ordering of expected/observed arguments
tests: don't swallow Git errors upstream of pipes
t9109: don't swallow Git errors upstream of pipes
tests: order arguments to git-rev-list properly
rev-list: handle missing tree objects properly
revision: mark non-user-given objects instead
list-objects-filter: use BUG rather than die
list-objects-filter-options: do not over-strbuf_init
list-objects-filter: implement filter tree:0
filter-trees: code clean-up of tests
list-objects: support for skipping tree traversal
Documentation/git-log.txt: do not show --exclude-promisor-objects
exclude-promisor-objects: declare when option is allowed

Max Kirillov (1):
http-backend test: make empty CONTENT_LENGTH test more realistic

Michael Witten (3):
docs: typo: s/go/to/
docs: graph: remove unnecessary `graph_update()' call
docs: typo: s/isimilar/similar/

MichaÅ GÃrny (6):
gpg-interface.c: detect and reject multiple signatures on commits
gpg-interface.c: use flags to determine key/signer info presence
gpg-interface.c: support getting key fingerprint via %GF format
gpg-interface.c: obtain primary key fingerprint as well
t/t7510-signed-commit.sh: Add %GP to custom format checks
t/t7510-signed-commit.sh: add signing subkey to Eris Discordia key

Mihir Mehta (1):
doc: fix a typo and clarify a sentence

Minh Nguyen (1):
l10n: vi.po: fix typo in pack-objects

Nguyán ThÃi Ngác Duy (170):
clone: report duplicate entries on case-insensitive filesystems
trace.h: support nested performance tracing
unpack-trees: add performance tracing
unpack-trees: optimize walking same trees with cache-tree
unpack-trees: reduce malloc in cache-tree walk
unpack-trees: reuse (still valid) cache-tree from src_index
unpack-trees: add missing cache invalidation
cache-tree: verify valid cache-tree in the test suite
Document update for nd/unpack-trees-with-cache-tree
bisect.c: make show_list() build again
t/helper: keep test-tool command list sorted
t/helper: merge test-dump-untracked-cache into test-tool
t/helper: merge test-pkt-line into test-tool
t/helper: merge test-parse-options into test-tool
t/helper: merge test-dump-fsmonitor into test-tool
Makefile: add a hint about TEST_BUILTINS_OBJS
config.txt: follow camelCase naming
config.txt: move fetch part out to a separate file
config.txt: move format part out to a separate file
config.txt: move gitcvs part out to a separate file
config.txt: move gui part out to a separate file
config.txt: move pull part out to a separate file
config.txt: move push part out to a separate file
config.txt: move receive part out to a separate file
config.txt: move sendemail part out to a separate file
config.txt: move sequence.editor out of "core" part
config.txt: move submodule part out to a separate file
archive.c: remove implicit dependency the_repository
status: show progress bar if refreshing the index takes too long
add: do not accept pathspec magic 'attr'
completion: support "git fetch --multiple"
read-cache.c: remove 'const' from index_has_changes()
diff.c: reduce implicit dependency on the_index
combine-diff.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
blame.c: rename "repo" argument to "r"
diff.c: remove the_index dependency in textconv() functions
grep.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
diff.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
read-cache.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
diff-lib.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
ll-merge.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
merge-blobs.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
merge.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
patch-ids.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
sha1-file.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
rerere.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
userdiff.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
line-range.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
submodule.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
tree-diff.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
ws.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
revision.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
revision.c: reduce implicit dependency the_repository
read-cache.c: optimize reading index format v4
config.txt: correct the note about uploadpack.packObjectsHook
help -a: improve and make --verbose default
refs.c: indent with tabs, not spaces
Add a place for (not) sharing stuff between worktrees
submodule.c: remove some of the_repository references
completion: fix __gitcomp_builtin no longer consider extra options
t1300: extract and use test_cmp_config()
worktree: add per-worktree config files
refs: new ref types to make per-worktree refs visible to all worktrees
revision.c: correct a parameter name
revision.c: better error reporting on ref from different worktrees
fsck: check HEAD and reflog from other worktrees
reflog expire: cover reflog from all worktrees
Update makefile in preparation for Documentation/config/*.txt
config.txt: move advice.* to a separate file
config.txt: move core.* to a separate file
config.txt: move add.* to a separate file
config.txt: move alias.* to a separate file
config.txt: move am.* to a separate file
config.txt: move apply.* to a separate file
config.txt: move blame.* to a separate file
config.txt: move branch.* to a separate file
config.txt: move browser.* to a separate file
config.txt: move checkout.* to a separate file
config.txt: move clean.* to a separate file
config.txt: move color.* to a separate file
config.txt: move column.* to a separate file
config.txt: move commit.* to a separate file
config.txt: move credential.* to a separate file
config.txt: move completion.* to a separate file
config.txt: move diff-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move difftool.* to a separate file
config.txt: move fastimport.* to a separate file
config.txt: move fetch-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move filter.* to a separate file
config.txt: move format-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move fmt-merge-msg-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move fsck.* to a separate file
config.txt: move gc.* to a separate file
config.txt: move gitcvs-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move gitweb.* to a separate file
config.txt: move grep.* to a separate file
config.txt: move gpg.* to a separate file
config.txt: move gui-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move guitool.* to a separate file
config.txt: move help.* to a separate file
config.txt: move ssh.* to a separate file
config.txt: move http.* to a separate file
config.txt: move i18n.* to a separate file
git-imap-send.txt: move imap.* to a separate file
config.txt: move index.* to a separate file
config.txt: move init.* to a separate file
config.txt: move instaweb.* to a separate file
config.txt: move interactive.* to a separate file
config.txt: move log.* to a separate file
config.txt: move mailinfo.* to a separate file
config.txt: move mailmap.* to a separate file
config.txt: move man.* to a separate file
config.txt: move merge-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move mergetool.* to a separate file
config.txt: move notes.* to a separate file
config.txt: move pack.* to a separate file
config.txt: move pager.* to a separate file
config.txt: move pretty.* to a separate file
config.txt: move protocol.* to a separate file
config.txt: move pull-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move push-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move rebase-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move receive-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move remote.* to a separate file
config.txt: move remotes.* to a separate file
config.txt: move repack.* to a separate file
config.txt: move rerere.* to a separate file
config.txt: move reset.* to a separate file
config.txt: move sendemail-config.txt to config/
config.txt: move sequencer.* to a separate file
config.txt: move showBranch.* to a separate file
config.txt: move splitIndex.* to a separate file
config.txt: move status.* to a separate file
config.txt: move stash.* to a separate file
config.txt: move submodule.* to a separate file
config.txt: move tag.* to a separate file
config.txt: move transfer.* to a separate file
config.txt: move uploadarchive.* to a separate file
config.txt: move uploadpack.* to a separate file
config.txt: move url.* to a separate file
config.txt: move user.* to a separate file
config.txt: move versionsort.* to a separate file
config.txt: move web.* to a separate file
config.txt: move worktree.* to a separate file
config.txt: remove config/dummy.txt
thread-utils: macros to unconditionally compile pthreads API
wildmatch: change behavior of "foo**bar" in WM_PATHNAME mode
git-worktree.txt: correct linkgit command name
sequencer.c: remove a stray semicolon
tree-walk.c: fix overoptimistic inclusion in :(exclude) matching
run-command.h: include thread-utils.h instead of pthread.h
send-pack.c: move async's #ifdef NO_PTHREADS back to run-command.c
index-pack: remove #ifdef NO_PTHREADS
name-hash.c: remove #ifdef NO_PTHREADS
attr.c: remove #ifdef NO_PTHREADS
grep: remove #ifdef NO_PTHREADS
grep: clean up num_threads handling
preload-index.c: remove #ifdef NO_PTHREADS
pack-objects: remove #ifdef NO_PTHREADS
read-cache.c: remove #ifdef NO_PTHREADS
read-cache.c: reduce branching based on HAVE_THREADS
read-cache.c: initialize copy_len to shut up gcc 8
Clean up pthread_create() error handling
completion: use __gitcomp_builtin for format-patch
build: fix broken command-list.h generation with core.autocrlf
format-patch: respect --stat in cover letter's diffstat
doc: move extensions.worktreeConfig to the right place
clone: fix colliding file detection on APFS
files-backend.c: fix build error on Solaris
transport-helper.c: do not translate a string twice

Nickolai Belakovski (2):
worktree: update documentation for lock_reason and lock_reason_valid
worktree: rename is_worktree_locked to worktree_lock_reason

Noam Postavsky (1):
log: fix coloring of certain octopus merge shapes

Olga Telezhnaya (3):
ref-filter: free memory from used_atom
ls-remote: release memory instead of UNLEAK
ref-filter: free item->value and item->value->s

Peter Krefting (2):
l10n: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (4185t0f0u)
l10n: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (4187t0f0u)

Phillip Wood (11):
diff: fix --color-moved-ws=allow-indentation-change
diff --color-moved-ws: fix double free crash
diff --color-moved-ws: fix out of bounds string access
diff --color-moved-ws: fix a memory leak
diff --color-moved-ws: fix another memory leak
diff --color-moved: fix a memory leak
am: don't die in read_author_script()
am: improve author-script error reporting
am: rename read_author_script()
add read_author_script() to libgit
sequencer: use read_author_script()

Pratik Karki (46):
rebase: start implementing it as a builtin
rebase: refactor common shell functions into their own file
builtin/rebase: support running "git rebase <upstream>"
builtin rebase: support --onto
builtin rebase: support `git rebase --onto A...B`
builtin rebase: handle the pre-rebase hook and --no-verify
builtin rebase: support --quiet
builtin rebase: support the `verbose` and `diffstat` options
builtin rebase: require a clean worktree
builtin rebase: try to fast forward when possible
builtin rebase: support --force-rebase
builtin rebase: start a new rebase only if none is in progress
builtin rebase: only store fully-qualified refs in `options.head_name`
builtin rebase: support `git rebase <upstream> <switch-to>`
builtin rebase: support --continue
builtin rebase: support --skip
builtin rebase: support --abort
builtin rebase: support --quit
builtin rebase: support --edit-todo and --show-current-patch
builtin rebase: actions require a rebase in progress
builtin rebase: stop if `git am` is in progress
builtin rebase: allow selecting the rebase "backend"
builtin rebase: support --signoff
builtin rebase: support --rerere-autoupdate
builtin rebase: support --committer-date-is-author-date
builtin rebase: support `ignore-whitespace` option
builtin rebase: support `ignore-date` option
builtin rebase: support `keep-empty` option
builtin rebase: support `--autosquash`
builtin rebase: support `--gpg-sign` option
builtin rebase: support `-C` and `--whitespace=<type>`
builtin rebase: support `--autostash` option
builtin rebase: support `--exec`
builtin rebase: support `--allow-empty-message` option
builtin rebase: support --rebase-merges[=[no-]rebase-cousins]
merge-base --fork-point: extract libified function
builtin rebase: support `fork-point` option
builtin rebase: add support for custom merge strategies
builtin rebase: support --root
builtin rebase: optionally auto-detect the upstream
builtin rebase: optionally pass custom reflogs to reset_head()
builtin rebase: fast-forward to onto if it is a proper descendant
builtin rebase: show progress when connected to a terminal
builtin rebase: use no-op editor when interactive is "implied"
builtin rebase: error out on incompatible option/mode combinations
rebase: default to using the builtin rebase

Rafael AscensÃo (2):
refs: show --exclude failure with --branches/tags/remotes=glob
refs: fix some exclude patterns being ignored

Ralf Thielow (5):
git-rebase.sh: fix typos in error messages
l10n: update German translation
builtin/rebase.c: remove superfluous space in messages
l10n: update German translation
l10n: de.po: fix two messages

Ramsay Jones (12):
Makefile: add a hdr-check target
json-writer.h: add missing include (hdr-check)
ewah/ewok_rlw.h: add missing include (hdr-check)
refs/ref-cache.h: add missing declarations (hdr-check)
refs/packed-backend.h: add missing declaration (hdr-check)
refs/refs-internal.h: add missing declarations (hdr-check)
midx.h: add missing forward declarations (hdr-check)
delta-islands.h: add missing forward declarations (hdr-check)
headers: normalize the spelling of some header guards
fetch-object.h: add missing declaration (hdr-check)
ewok_rlw.h: add missing 'inline' to function definition
commit-reach.h: add missing declarations (hdr-check)

Rasmus Villemoes (6):
help: redirect to aliased commands for "git cmd --help"
git.c: handle_alias: prepend alias info when first argument is -h
git-help.txt: document "git help cmd" vs "git cmd --help" for aliases
Documentation/git-send-email.txt: style fixes
send-email: only consider lines containing @ or <> for automatic Cc'ing
send-email: also pick up cc addresses from -by trailers

Renà Scharfe (12):
mailinfo: support format=flowed
fsck: add a performance test for skipList
fsck: use strbuf_getline() to read skiplist file
fsck: use oidset instead of oid_array for skipList
sequencer: use return value of oidset_insert()
grep: add -r/--[no-]recursive
fetch-pack: factor out is_unmatched_ref()
fetch-pack: load tip_oids eagerly iff needed
khash: factor out kh_release_*
oidset: use khash
oidset: uninline oidset_init()
commit-reach: fix cast in compare_commits_by_gen()

Roger Strain (1):
subtree: performance improvement for finding unexpected parent commits

SZEDER GÃbor (20):
t1404: increase core.packedRefsTimeout to avoid occasional test failure
Documentation/git.txt: clarify that GIT_TRACE=/path appends
t3701-add-interactive: tighten the check of trace output
t1700-split-index: drop unnecessary 'grep'
t0090: disable GIT_TEST_SPLIT_INDEX for the test checking split index
t1700-split-index: document why FSMONITOR is disabled in this test script
split-index: add tests to demonstrate the racy split index problem
t1700-split-index: date back files to avoid racy situations
split-index: count the number of deleted entries
split-index: don't compare cached data of entries already marked for split index
split-index: smudge and add racily clean cache entries to split index
split-index: BUG() when cache entry refers to non-existing shared entry
object_id.cocci: match only expressions of type 'struct object_id'
test-lib: introduce the '-V' short option for '--verbose-log'
travis-ci: install packages in 'ci/install-dependencies.sh'
coccicheck: introduce 'pending' semantic patches
ref-filter: don't look for objects when outside of a repository
tests: send "bug in the test script" errors to the script's stderr
test-lib-functions: make 'test_cmp_rev' more informative on failure
t/lib-git-daemon: fix signal checking

Sam McKelvie (1):
rev-parse: --show-superproject-working-tree should work during a merge

Saulius Gurklys (1):
doc: fix small typo in git show-branch

Sebastian Staudt (1):
travis-ci: no longer use containers

Shulhan (1):
builtin/remote: quote remote name on error to display empty name

Stefan Beller (25):
git-submodule.sh: align error reporting for update mode to use path
git-submodule.sh: rename unused variables
builtin/submodule--helper: factor out submodule updating
builtin/submodule--helper: store update_clone information in a struct
builtin/submodule--helper: factor out method to update a single submodule
submodule--helper: replace connect-gitdir-workingtree by ensure-core-worktree
submodule--helper: introduce new update-module-mode helper
test_decode_color: understand FAINT and ITALIC
t3206: add color test for range-diff --dual-color
diff.c: simplify caller of emit_line_0
diff.c: reorder arguments for emit_line_ws_markup
diff.c: add set_sign to emit_line_0
diff: use emit_line_0 once per line
diff.c: omit check for line prefix in emit_line_0
diff.c: rewrite emit_line_0 more understandably
diff.c: add --output-indicator-{new, old, context}
range-diff: make use of different output indicators
range-diff: indent special lines as context
refs.c: migrate internal ref iteration to pass thru repository argument
refs.c: upgrade for_each_replace_ref to be a each_repo_ref_fn callback
string-list: remove unused function print_string_list
strbuf.h: format according to coding guidelines
diff.c: pass sign_index to emit_line_ws_markup
submodule helper: convert relative URL to absolute URL if needed
builtin/submodule--helper: remove debugging leftover tracing

Stephen P. Smith (10):
wt-status.c: move has_unmerged earlier in the file
wt-status: rename commitable to committable
t7501: add test of "commit --dry-run --short"
wt-status.c: set the committable flag in the collect phase
roll wt_status_state into wt_status and populate in the collect phase
t2000: rename and combine checkout clash tests
t7509: cleanup description and filename
t7502: rename commit test script to comply with naming convention
t7500: rename commit tests script to comply with naming convention
t7501: rename commit test to comply with naming convention

Steve Hoelzer (1):
poll: use GetTickCount64() to avoid wrap-around issues

Steven Fernandez (1):
git-completion.bash: add completion for stash list

Strain, Roger L (4):
subtree: refactor split of a commit into standalone method
subtree: make --ignore-joins pay attention to adds
subtree: use commits before rejoins for splits
subtree: improve decision on merges kept in split

Sven Strickroth (1):
msvc: directly use MS version (_stricmp) of strcasecmp

Tao Qingyun (3):
refs: docstring typo
builtin/branch.c: remove useless branch_get
branch: trivial style fix

Taylor Blau (4):
transport.c: extract 'fill_alternate_refs_command'
transport.c: introduce core.alternateRefsCommand
transport.c: introduce core.alternateRefsPrefixes
Documentation/config.txt: fix typo in core.alternateRefsCommand

Thomas Gummerer (17):
rerere: unify error messages when read_cache fails
rerere: lowercase error messages
rerere: wrap paths in output in sq
rerere: mark strings for translation
rerere: add documentation for conflict normalization
rerere: fix crash with files rerere can't handle
rerere: only return whether a path has conflicts or not
rerere: factor out handle_conflict function
rerere: return strbuf from handle path
rerere: teach rerere to handle nested conflicts
rerere: recalculate conflict ID when unresolved conflict is committed
rerere: mention caveat about unmatched conflict markers
rerere: add note about files with existing conflict markers
.gitattributes: add conflict-marker-size for relevant files
linear-assignment: fix potential out of bounds memory access
t5551: move setup code inside test_expect blocks
t5551: compare sorted cookies files

Tim Schumacher (4):
Documentation/Makefile: make manpage-base-url.xsl generation quieter
alias: add support for aliases of an alias
alias: show the call history when an alias is looping
t0014: introduce an alias testing suite

Todd Zullinger (1):
Documentation: build technical/multi-pack-index

Torsten BÃgershausen (5):
Make git_check_attr() a void function
path.c: char is not (always) signed
Upcast size_t variables to uintmax_t when printing
remote-curl.c: xcurl_off_t is not portable (on 32 bit platfoms)
t5601-99: Enable colliding file detection for MINGW

Trán Ngác QuÃn (2):
l10n: vi(4185t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.20.0
l10n: vi(4187t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.20.0 rd3

Uwe Kleine-KÃnig (1):
howto/using-merge-subtree: mention --allow-unrelated-histories

brian m. carlson (26):
t: add test functions to translate hash-related values
t0000: use hash translation table
t0000: update tests for SHA-256
t0002: abstract away SHA-1 specific constants
t0064: make hash size independent
t1006: make hash size independent
t1400: switch hard-coded object ID to variable
t1405: make hash size independent
t1406: make hash-size independent
t1407: make hash size independent
editorconfig: provide editor settings for Git developers
editorconfig: indicate settings should be kept in sync
pack-bitmap-write: use GIT_MAX_RAWSZ for allocation
builtin/repack: replace hard-coded constants
builtin/mktree: remove hard-coded constant
builtin/fetch-pack: remove constants with parse_oid_hex
pack-revindex: express constants in terms of the_hash_algo
packfile: express constants in terms of the_hash_algo
refs/packed-backend: express constants using the_hash_algo
upload-pack: express constants in terms of the_hash_algo
transport: use parse_oid_hex instead of a constant
tag: express constant in terms of the_hash_algo
apply: replace hard-coded constants
apply: rename new_sha1_prefix and old_sha1_prefix
submodule: make zero-oid comparison hash function agnostic
rerere: convert to use the_hash_algo

Ãvar ArnfjÃrà Bjarmason (35):
fetch: change "branch" to "reference" in --force -h output
push tests: make use of unused $1 in test description
push tests: use spaces in interpolated string
fetch tests: add a test for clobbering tag behavior
push doc: remove confusing mention of remote merger
push doc: move mention of "tag <tag>" later in the prose
push doc: correct lies about how push refspecs work
fetch: document local ref updates with/without --force
fetch: stop clobbering existing tags without --force
fsck tests: setup of bogus commit object
fsck tests: add a test for no skipList input
fsck: document and test sorted skipList input
fsck: document and test commented & empty line skipList input
fsck: document that skipList input must be unabbreviated
fsck: add a performance test
fsck: support comments & empty lines in skipList
commit-graph write: add progress output
commit-graph verify: add progress output
config doc: add missing list separator for checkout.optimizeNewBranch
push doc: add spacing between two words
fetch doc: correct grammar in --force docs
gc: fix regression in 7b0f229222 impacting --quiet
gc doc: mention the commit-graph in the intro
pack-objects test: modernize style
pack-objects tests: don't leave test .git corrupt at end
index-pack tests: don't leave test repo dirty at end
i18n: make GETTEXT_POISON a runtime option
range-diff doc: add a section about output stability
range-diff: fix regression in passing along diff options
range-diff: make diff option behavior (e.g. --stat) consistent
push: change needlessly ambiguous example in error
rebase doc: document rebase.useBuiltin
tests: add a special setup where rebase.useBuiltin is off
read-cache: make the split index obey umask settings
advice: don't pointlessly suggest --convert-graft-file

ÄoÃn Trán CÃng Danh (1):
git-compat-util: prefer poll.h to sys/poll.h