Re: Can we drop upstream Linux x32 support?

From: Thorsten Glaser
Date: Tue Dec 11 2018 - 17:14:09 EST

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Linus Torvalds dixit:

>I'm not opposed to trying to sunset the support, but let's see who complains..

I will hereby complain.

Iâm using Debian/x32 on my main desktop at work, and do
occasionally help out with porting issues. Itâs a good
way to make more out of 64-bit machines without going
all 64 bit; itâs also helped me find bugs in software.
Itâs a nice architectural idea, and a way forward for
things that are constricted to 32 bits while opening
up stuff like 64-bit time_t without taking up half the
available CPU registers (while more than doubling the
number of the available CPU registers, too).

I was also considering investing a nontrivial amount of
work into porting klibc to x32, since hpa does not wish
to do it himself. Thankfully I have only done a bit yet.

Furthermore, x32 was the first of the many *64ilp32
architectures; I know Iâve seen amd64ilp32 and at least
one other I donât recall. It will have prototyped many
of the problems users of these will run in, and Iâd prefer
to keep it (completely selfish because I donât wish to
have to crossgrade a whole system yet again).

Thanks for your consideration,
When he found out that the m68k port was in a pretty bad shape, he did
not, like many before him, shrug and move on; instead, he took it upon
himself to start compiling things, just so he could compile his shell.
How's that for dedication. -- Wouter, about my Debian/m68k revival