Re: [LINUX PATCH v12 3/3] mtd: rawnand: arasan: Add support for Arasan NAND Flash Controller

From: Miquel Raynal
Date: Wed Dec 12 2018 - 03:11:51 EST

Hi Naga,

Naga Sureshkumar Relli <nagasure@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote on Wed, 12 Dec 2018
05:27:03 +0000:

> Hi Boris & Miquel,
> An update to my comments on thread
> In this I said, will take a default error count value as 16 and during page read, will check the error count
> Register value with this and if it is equal to or greater than the default count(16) then I am checking for
> Erased pages.
> But bit[7:0] in ECC_Error_Count_Register(0x38) will update for each error occurred.
> Link: and
> check for NAND module, ECC_Error_Count_Register.
> I mean previously I dependent on Total error count value (bit[16:8]), but we can simply check for bit[7:0]
> To see the error occurred or not.
> I tried with this approach and I don't see any issues with that.
> I ran ubifs with this and I am able to see the bit[7:0] count is updated for erased page read and then will
> Use nand_chech_erased_ecc_chunk() to see the bitflips.
> If it is ok, I will update the driver and will send new patch, but do you have any other comments on v12?

Is 'nandbiterrs -i' running correctly now?